artistic survival….the adventure of foolishness….

alive in flames of creative fire….

Art is not about thinking something up. It is about getting something down. We’re not doing; we’re getting. Instead of reaching for inventions, we are engaged in listening. We are more the conduit than the creator of what we express. We tune in & drop down the well. Once you accept this natural rhythm of creating, the voice of synchronicity shows up, supporting your experience…..Julia Cameron

showing up in a creative life can be the most painful process of resistance…..having absolutely nothing to do with the desire to create….it’s simply a matter of fear…perfectionism creeps in; judging rather than doing…

remember a little madness is good for the creative soul….

as well as wise grit….deconstructing a creative impulse simply means ‘follow your heart’….

we save ourselves through risk… 

The sources of imagination hover in the commonplace. Heroic expectations are blindfolds, obstructing the spontaneous response to what arrives independently of my intent. Art’s medicine involves the unexpected as a predictable expression of psyche’s movement. You’ve got to learn not-to-be, before you can come into being…..Shaun McNiff

12 thoughts on “artistic survival….the adventure of foolishness….

  1. In my experience, what Julia Cameron says about artists being more conduits than creators makes sense, especially in light of the fact that all of our senses open to a world we did not create. We in turn contribute our unique voice to the whole human endeavor of making meaning, beauty, newness, and truth. A very thought-provoking post, as usual.

    • Yes…it is the sweetest reminder of our deepest connections to God, the greater mysteries, our soul….Tapping in to it is sometimes another matter…thanks Mark…

  2. Nice post quite thought provoking too.
    I believe creative instincts are inborn in everyone. It is just that our egoistic minds keep them trapped deep within. If we can open up to the universal energy by ‘just letting-go’ our imagination will rush forth.
    Thank you & cheers 🙂

    • You bring up a key point…yes…our egos always want to direct…letting go…art can be the channel…thanks for sharing….

  3. Julia Cameron has always been a guru for me in the realm of painting and writing. Her teaching that when we are creative, we are conduits from the Divine is so very much happening in my life right now. Love this post–and love your inspiring blog! The creative fire photography, cracking open those cones and shells to allow the seeds to sprout, is just perfect for this post.

    • I love hearing about your creative fire….great visuals too…have you listened to Clarissa Estes ‘The Creative Fire?’…. Perfect compliment to J.C…..thanks Granbee…

  4. Yes! so artfully put! I agree with what you said about fear; there must be a “dare” and abandon that dives “blindfolded” into each new work and indeed “showing up” is key to momentum which productive or not, does prompt “flow”. I do find that Allowing the Heart to be a Conduit rather than directing the Art by intention (Mind) allows Precipitation of the highest form. If Mind holds the door, it is stiff, locked, blocked, Ego, contrived Fear. I suppose that the artist does need to be Out of his Mind to really be available for the Tunneling experience, so blissful. Love to you, Linda

    • Thank you so much for this Linda…so elegantly stated. Contrived fear really says a lot….sometimes there can simply be too much pressure, resistance & expectation before stepping into the studio…thanks for the gentle anecdote reminder…’Allowing the Heart’….Blessings…

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