finding the sunshine in a to-do list…

gentle space calling

The Word

Down near the bottom of the crossed-out list of things you have to do today,
between “green thread” and “broccoli” you find that you have penciled “sunlight.”
Resting on the page, the word is as beautiful, it touches you as if you had a friend
& sunlight were a present he had sent you from some place distant as this morning— to cheer you up,
& to remind you that, among your duties, pleasure is a thing,
that also needs accomplishing Do you remember? that time & light are kinds
of love, & love is no less practical than a coffee grinder
or a safe spare tire? Tomorrow you may be utterly without a clue
but today you get a telegram, from the heart in exile proclaiming that the kingdom
still exists, the king & queen alive, still speaking to their children,
…to any one among them who can find the time, to sit out in the sun & listen

…Tony Hoagland

oh, to just be for a day!….for an hour….for a moment….what does that mean anyway? do we know how to hum softly in a daydream? do we know how to contact our own longing?

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!

No time to say hello! Good-bye!

I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!

….The Mad Hatter

difference between seeing the bird & being the bird…

I wake clear & rested, light flooding my room. The day seems endless & free. But making coffee, I notice three bills I haven’t paid, & after showering, I notice I need a haircut, & since I’ll be out that way, I think I might as well pick up my shirts. But I so want to spend time in the sun. So I think, well, after these errands, I’ll go to the park, & then I deliberate which park will be just right & decide on one forty minutes away. Finally, wanting to make sure there is some fun in all of this, I call a friend & plan to meet her at a movie at six. Now I have to hurry along to make sure I can get eveywhere on time. But, thankful, while gassing up, I hear a small bird & lift my head just as a cloud opens & the light floods my mind, & I drop all my plans like change on the ground. I laugh at myself. I can so easily become a slave to a schedule I create. Not one of these things is necessary today. I drop everything & follow the bird into the sun…..Mark Nepo

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