just being is not as easy as being you

prayer as acceptance, forgiveness, & questioning

Care of the soul goes beyond the secular mythology of the self & recovers a sense of the sacredness of each individual life. This sacred quality is not just about value; it is the unfathomable mystery that is the very seed & heart of each individual. Care of the soul asks us to open our hearts wider than they have ever been before, softening the judging that may have characterized our attitudes & behaviors for years. Moralism is one of the most effective shields against the soul, protecting us from its intricacy. One who cares for the soul becomes someone at ease with idiosyncrasies & the unexpected. The uniqueness of a person is made up of the insane & the twisted as much as it is of the rational & normal. It is easy to recognize soullessness in the standardizing of experience…..Thomas Moore

can we trust ourselves, our intuitve guide, our faith….enough to lead us away from the compartmentalization of our experience? can we ruffle our feathers when needed? can we be with our difficult emotions, turmoil & judgments long enough to see through them?

deviation from the ‘normal’ as radical self-acceptance….

the sacredness of an individual life….in its gawky & shameful revelations of contradiction…

the complacent & fear-laden niceties we can sweep clean with alchemical truth…


…Creating a life that is in stunning alignment with who you really are beyond the confines of rigid identities towards the longings that pull at your heart. After all, who else in your life truly sees you for who you really are & can navigate you in the winds of your fullest brilliant destiny filled with connection & love better than you?

But one thing I’ve learned is that I am all that I pretend to be. Who are you?  What identities would be so liberating for you to lose if you could be free from them?  If you could wake up tomorrow morning & be anything you wanted what would that look like?  And if you aren’t sure…what would the path of that look like?……Madelyn Mulvaney

coming out of shadows…. 

5 thoughts on “just being is not as easy as being you

  1. I recall a saying “If your morals make you dreary, depend on it; they are wrong” ….Care of the soul is like caring for a child …love, respect, nurture, nature … why do we beguile its innocence?

    • I too, so believe in our intuitive guides. With so many conflicting ideas coming at us, our heart is the one truth. As you say though, we must nurture to reveal that truth. Morals for the sake of morals….so not enough….innocence is pure, yes……thanks for the strong message g.f.s……

    • It’s so powerful to help each other to soften…to support the journey which has so many surprising similarities….honored to share….thanks Karen & I hope your authenticity is carried lightly today:)…Blessings…

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