excavating limitlessness

shameless beauty

Listening is the

Cue to your heart’s unfolding

A silent gateway to being reborn~ Becoming its

Own garden of seasons~ Untouched within a haze

Of time~ I would stand here behind the curtain

Of your eyes~ My slipping silhouette a sweet

Scented breath~ The bending refraction

Of your night within my light~ Why

Must we be stillborn within

This prism of life? Let

Me touch you



There are no

More mirrors to reflect

What can only be seen within

The tunnel of eyes~ Racing directly

To the heartline~ The pulse within the

Bounty of your blood~ My finger print

Against your tender swell~ To press

To my lips some kind of eternity~

The sanguine seal whet

With a promise of

A different


….Leila Fortier

the shift in illusion…from wide angle to macro…brings not only a new view, but a new objective world….not a shift….but a new truth…there’s more than one reality…

how many truths do we hold? how many contradictory? navigating the translucent & authentic limitlessness is tiresome if we always frame it around our existential loneliness…..but give in to cloudlessness & abandon those truths….we are free….

the vanishing point

In one second the laundry & in the next, flourescent pink fish. Your soul is a deep purple coral reef your body no different than ocean~ limitless, vast, full of deep emotion. When spirit becomes unveiled & the great soul revels in the deafening chime of dark & foreboding earth, you will know the triumph of will, cloudiness, & forgiveness. The heron has made her way among the palm fronds to fish & you are the wordless remembrance of virtue, cherries ripened in light soaked orchards & picked to rose your cheeks, giggling dolls~ crumbs, quills, quails and cabbages……Anna Roach

4 thoughts on “excavating limitlessness

  1. Listening is the
    Cue to your heart’s unfolding

    true words.. I really enjoyed reading this post.
    have a great day,

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