the twilight spaces of our silent soul

walk alone

The wish to be conscious is the wish to be. It can only be acquired or experienced in silence. If I learn to allow the silence in me, the real silence, this wish to be will speak in me with such a power that it will join the light that alone can reveal to me the meaning of my life….Jeanne de Salzmann

fear of loneliness takes our healing power…takes away the presence of the divine….our essence of existential silence is transformative….moving us into our breath…our heart space…befriending our lonely suffering & engaging a solemn retreat under the blanket of what only we can comprehend….

Silence is like recognizing the one we have longed for, the one we always knew we really were, but endlessly pass over & repeatedly forget in the constant surge toward all that is not silence. Silence finds us in a solitude that is deeply bearable, familiar, & somehow very old….Susan Murphy

it’s soft in our own spaces…

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