choosing to mesh abandonment & abundance… & the same…

the most beautiful chapel made of spirit

Like Parsifal, the modern world has awakened from a deep sleep to find that the castle of abundance has disappeared, that the financial markets are in ruins, that blind religious beliefs are once again producing mindless crusades, & that great nature itself threatens to become a barren wilderness. We failed to ask the right questions when surrounded by abundance. While sleeping inside the dream of materialism we neglectd the subtle connections to the delicate web that weaves our time-bound world to the mythic core at the center of life. In the midst of radical changes in nature & the seeming collapse of culture, the real point may be to turn again to the ‘inner-other-world,’ where imagination & spiritual presence constantly find renewal…..Michael Meade

prayer….& a purifying sense of ritual….in between this ebb & flow of a more awakened sensitivity to life around us in contrast to a more surface kind of response to life…..this is where you will find us….the lost ones of the quiet spaces….expanding in color & sensory illumination….touching the nature around us to find union with wonderment…the corporeal & celestial worlds mesh boundaries in the ‘inner-other-world’…


When it’s over, it’s over, & we don’t know

any of us, what happens then.

So I try not to miss anything.

I think, in my whole life, I have never missed

the full moon

or the slipper of its coming back.

Or, a kiss..

Well, yes, especially a kiss.

….Mary Oliver

the wild & complex garden 

6 thoughts on “choosing to mesh abandonment & abundance… & the same…

  1. I love Mary Oliver’s writing; she can get right to the heart of the matter. Such a good post. You are so right about where we need to put our focus.

  2. Another beautiful post! I too love Mary Oliver’s poetry, and I was also drawn to your poetic words, especially “this is where you will find us … the lost ones of the quiet spaces.”

    • These subtle spaces are so often overlooked…sadly…I find them to be the most fertile for growth…thanks for noticing Mark…glad it resonates with you as well…great space for poetry:)…

    • A paradigm shift is brewing…I guess that’s what we’re ‘preparing’ for….beauteous connections & knowing it…thanks George….

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