look to the horizon where all souls converge

converging horizons

So many people say that they want to become one with everything, but what they really mean is that they want to become one with everything pleasant & beautiful, with bliss & love. They do not really consider that the enlightment they pursue means that they not only become one with all that is light, but also one with all the suffering that exists in the world, with all beings, on all levels…..Lee Lozowick

we get stuck with disidentifying ourselves….so much hiding & denying the truth about ourselves…we really are one….regardless of our super-structured egos that kick & scream at the edge of the horizon…..not wanting to jump off the cliff in to the burning pit of the ‘other’ suffering souls….but no…we are the ‘other’….converging together on the horizon of transformation….this is true compassion…the real, gritty spiritual journey…

Dharma, or ‘virtuous path,’ lawful duty & service, is available to every human being who chooses to live a life directed toward her or his highest possibility. To act in accordance with dharma is to take actions that are resonant with the greater structure, or lawfulness, of a divine order or objective truth rather than being moved by our powerful & unconscious ego forces. It is up to us whether we take an active or passive role in the unraveling of our conditioned circumstances. The great freedom or truth that so many of us aspire to is only experienced in the moment, & those whom we consider liberated are simply individuals who routinely  intercept their conditioning through a choice to practice & act consciously in accordance with their dharma, moment to moment….Mariana Caplan

your spiritual discernment lies on the horizon of your loving-kindness, your compassion & your beingness…..pray & be well….

abide in the will of your true voice….

Blessed are you, who opens a gate in every moment,

to enter in truth or tarry in hell….

Leonard Cohen…

8 thoughts on “look to the horizon where all souls converge

    • It’s so easy to bypass that darkness…deny it…tuck it away…but it will come back with unfinished business….great yet tough reminder…May you feel open & light of burdens….thanks….

  1. Wonderful post, with so much truth – Lee’s quote is so very accurate; being ‘one’ with all that is pleasant and beautiful is easy … but truly being ‘one with all’ means so much more than that. I love Leonard Cohen’s quote! ~ Julie xoxox

    • Thanks Julie….we so often forget don’t we? Our suffering has so many offerings….we can come into our awareness more deeply with kindness to ourselves & letting go in our most difficult times…Blessings…

  2. Your post speaks the truth, to be joined with the “common” of the Cosmos one needs to embrace its destructive as well as its creative nature, but also death as well as its life and recreative aspect.

    • Indeed….our suffering & others’ suffering are tools for transformation & true compassion…..thanks for reminding us of death’s limitlessness….

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