prostration to questioning & truth


One of the most momentous archaeological finds of our time was the discovery in 1945 of the Gnostic gospels, exerting a profound influence on our thinking about the origins & nature of Christianity. The Gospel of Philip points to an astonishing body of knowledge about man & the cosmic world & the practices leading to inner freedom & the power of love. This text invites us to risk stepping back in a new way from many of our most cherished opinions not only about the teachings of Jesus, but about who & what we are as human beings. Christian or not, we are all children of our era & we have heard that Truth is for those who seek it. Every page of this text evokes intense self-questioning, offering directions of personal search for Truth that are as profound as they are startingly new & challenging….Jacob Needleman

there is great dignity & beauty in a prostration to a challenge to one’s long-held beliefs…we are empty…always empty, to grow, to awaken, to become…

can we be open & discerning at the same time?

leaning toward our highest aspirations…

Excerpts from the Gospel of Philip

What you say, you say in a body;

you can say nothing outside this body.

You must awaken while in this body,

for everything exists in it:

Resurrect in this life.

It is impossible for anyone to see

the everlasting reality & not become like it.

The Truth is not realized like the truth in the world:

Those who see the sun do not become the sun;

those who see the sky, the earth, or anything

else that exists, do not become what they see.

But when you see something in this other space,

you become it.

If you know the Breath, you are the Breath.

If you know the Christ, you become the Christ.

If you see the Father, you are the Father.

Likewise, our breath seeks another breath,

our intelligence seeks intelligence,

and every clarity seeks its light.

Become more human, & humans will love you:

become more spiritual, & the Spirit will unite with you.

Become more intelligent, & the Logos will unite with you.

7 thoughts on “prostration to questioning & truth

  1. The council at Nicea changed the way we viewed scripture for two centuries, so much so that even today books like these are looked on as heretical and that is the worst tragedy for our time, to be locked into outdated thinking in a world where so much other knowledge is now available to us…

    • I completely agree…mainstream religion can disavow our personal search…We become closer to our God through intense study of others…I believe we should continually question ourselves… I’m glad I wrote this post & I’m pleased it resonates with you…thanks g.f.s

  2. I completely agree with GFS and you In Blue….what a timely post and thank you – Jane

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