being lost on the path of light….the intuition of sky & stone….

heavy clouds from the ground up…

For those of us bent on self-discovery & the revelation of our own inward journeys, I can think of few better tools than a camera & film. For in the process of looking out to reveal our inner selves, we are on the edge with both, on that thin curved line between yin & yang, blending the known with the greater unknown. When my eyes land on something, I feel a chill in my bones, some kind of recognition, some sense of affintiy with what I am looking at. It matters only that I honor my instincts, for the images that result are like clues to a treasure hunt, symbols that I can return to later when I am lost on the path, having forgotten who I am……Jan Phillips

this is the calling to ‘be’….to honor this life by creating from the visible through the mystery to the invisible… emerge, I emerge, we emerge into the urgency of ‘now’….of our inner knowing….of beauty redefined with every new fear, every new quirky reflection staring back from the mirror….something intimate…something universal with a changeling spirit…..

Art & the artist become reflexive, mystically bound into an unbreakable circuit that produces the artist as the subject of the artwork & the artwork as the means of contemplative access to that subject’s ‘transcendent’ & creative subjectivity…….Girselda Pollock

I forget who I am….then redefine with the calm of tree meeting sky…..

For the rest of my life,

I want to reflect on what light is.

……Albert Einstein

6 thoughts on “being lost on the path of light….the intuition of sky & stone….

  1. Photography has taught me so much about paying deeper and wider attention, and really seeing–not only as I see, but as the camera sees. Meaning, photography has done much to help me get outside of my own head and try to see things differently, to anticipate how the camera sees things! Very apt excerpt!

    • Shifting from seeing to perceiving….getting out of your own way….’deeper & wider attention’….indeed! My camera goes everywhere I do….I can so relate! Seeing through a lens is like having a new sense…..Thanks for sharing John…Wishing you great light…..

  2. Reflecting on the nature of light is truly intensified when using a camera and/or a sketch pad and pastels/colored pencils. And then comes the caption!

    • yes! life is seen from an amazing, fascinating, & awe-inspiring vantage point….a true ’tilt-shift generator’…thanks granbee……wishing you views in technicolor this weekend….

  3. Einstein statement is so paradoxical… I need to meditate on that… When I am asked what is life, my answer it – its the universe looking at itself from the inside out. I guess what I am saying is consciousness is the realization of light.

    • great answer…..and so layered….from the inside….from the heart layers shared outward….from the darkness to the light….from the vantage of witness consciousness….all that sees the panoramic view, always trying to find that broad perspective….yes, a ‘realization’ of light…I need to meditated on this as well….thanks g.f.s….

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