awakening’s fierce grace & the surrender to the mess of life

fierce white

Give up that business that has no lasting scope.

Listen you old donkey, get yourself a Guide…

The devotee of darkness sees the light directly

When he places himself under a Guide.

What’s needed is self-surrender, not endless effort.


it comes back to impermanence….to absence, to change, to expectation, to the illusion of control….this life calls us again & again to shift from changing & improving to embracing & accepting…..always in-between moments….hanging out in doorways….


I think it is enough, at times, to go without knowing where the end is, what the beginning– so long ago.

Perhaps you have friends who can whisper such things in your ear, hear little bits of messages in the laughter of children.

But mostly we just proceed ahead, not remembering how it all started, where it is leading, not sure if we are the waiting animal or the animal’s passing shadow in the grass.

….Dorothy Walters

attachment & immersion in life go hand in hand…..we can celebrate our tears as the beautiful essence of our love… all moves on…..this beautiful essence of what it means to be alive allows the transcendence of authenticity….a white purity of vanishing…

foolish striving seems so essential…

In our yearning for enlightenment, we might hope that it’s a state of unfluctuating perfection that solves the problem of the constant change that roils our lives. But if we see what we’re doing as awakening, something that unfolds over a lifetime, we understand that each of us is somewhere in the middle of a long walk through varied terrain. Then our task is to stay alive to the changes in that terrain & to trust the path as it appears before us, rather than try to impose our map on it…Joan Sutherland

7 thoughts on “awakening’s fierce grace & the surrender to the mess of life

  1. Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson both reiterated to us that the map is not the territory, we should not overlay our beliefs onto what is true, if we do we are only deceiving ourselves… Which is rather apparent against the backdrop of our ‘modern world

    • Oh yes….as truth is relative, so are we & our experiences….letting go becomes a mantra of sorts….an occasional mortality check-in helps with perspective as well….the vibrancy of our time can then heighten once again…leading us to the key priorities….thanks g.f.s….no maps today!

    • Oh it is such a cogent little tidbit isn’t it? And such a relief! To not always have it all ‘figured out’ as an axiom to better living is sweet…..Thanks granbee….hope you get a little lost & find a better route along the way:)

  2. That’s always the question, isn’t it?–whether to change and improve and struggle against something around us or inside of us, or to embrace and endure and accept it. . . . –To change what we ought and can or need to change, or to accept and endure and maybe even embrace as serenely as possible what we cannot or ought not change. And, of course, the wisdom and insight to know the difference.

    • Your comment certainly reminds us of the timelessness of this lesson:) It would serve us all to have that little gentle nudge posted on our wall…..thanks John….may you find a little serenity on your own path…no matter the terrain….

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