a sacred fragility lifts up from dark shadow work

allow life’s fragility

It is in the depths of your life that you will discover the invisible necessity that has brought you here. When you begin to decipher this, your gift & giftedness come alive. Your heart quickens & the urgency of living rekindles your creativity. If you can awaken this sense of destiny, you come into rhythm with your life. You fall out of rhythm when you renege on your potential & talent, when you settle for the mediocre as a refuge from the call. Rhythm is the secret key to balance & belonging. This sense of rhythm is ancient. To be spiritual is to be in rhythm……John O’Donohue

this allowance to what is natural & self-evident is reassuring….we don’t have to ‘do’ anything other than ‘be’…..yet to truly be, we have to be honest & in the seat of mindfulness…..it’s easier to check out & ‘accomplish’ sometimes rather than answer the heart’s call…..

swingin’ in the breeze….hangin’ on…..

My youthful understanding of ‘let your life speak’ led me to conjure up the highest values I could imagine & then try to conform my life to them whether they were mine or not. If that sounds like what we are ‘supposed’ to do with values, it is because that is what we are too often taught. Everyone has a life that is different from the ‘I’ of daily consciousness, a life that is trying to live through the ‘I’ who is its vessel. This is what the poet knows & what every wisdom tradition teaches; there is a great gulf between the way my ego wants to identify me, with its protective masks & self-serving fictions, & my true self. The soul is like a wild animal; tough, resilient, savvy, self-sufficient, & yet exceedingly shy. The soul speaks its truth only under quiet, inviting, & trustworthy conditions……Parker Palmer

caught in a web of confusion is a sure sign of gritty times for the soul….time for vigilance….honesty….grace…..shadow-work….allowing…..listening…..& remembering that everything has its place….

So long as you haven’t experienced

this: to die & so to grow,

you are only a troubled guest

on the dark earth…


5 thoughts on “a sacred fragility lifts up from dark shadow work

  1. Only a troubled guest… I could never put words around it until I read Isabel Hickey.. It is a divine discontent, that nothing of this world will take away. I am still learning this, and patience with my soul…

    • a divine discontent…..reminds me of a book I am reading now by Steven Levine…’Who Dies?’……a similar idea about the human condition & the patience & self-compassion needed to unveil the protective layers which don’t serve us….I too am continually regrouping & landing in the moment….I do it over & over again….thanks g.f.s….

    • Oh I so agree…..it reinforces the need for solitude in prayer & meditation which all too often gets shifted away because we’re ‘so busy’…….thanks for the added insight Mark….Blessings…

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