crossing the threshold of your own courage…

light & dark, good & bad, love & hate

Until I know who I am & what my gift is, anything I do will be done out of insecurity. I will focus on helping you express your gift. But when I ask the questions ‘Who am I?’ & ‘What is my gift & how can I express it?’ I come to the beginning in my journey to authenticity. And that is a profound, baptismal moment……Paul Ferrini

when we are decisive & self-expressive, we know ‘things’….& we cannot hide from ourselves then….we cannot fall back into unworthiness or non-committal joy….we polish our sense of clarity, understanding the differences between black & white, truth & untruth….we walk through doors briskly….we honor the gray, but we make the conscious choice to move toward light….

There is no authority to bless our need to enter life but the God within. How often we thwart ourselves by holding tenaciously to what is familiar. It is instructive, if chilling, that in floral shops the roses that won’t open are called bullets. They have turned in on themselves so tightly that they can never release their fragrance. Unlike roses, however, the human chamber can be shut down for years, & still it takes but one breath from the true center & we will flower…..Mark Nepo

a reimagining of the dizzy & giddy life of the warrior….

And then the day came

when the risk to remain

tight in a bud was

more painful than the

risk to bloom.

…Anais Nin

6 thoughts on “crossing the threshold of your own courage…

    • oh me too…..we forget how much time we spend in-between decisions… does us good to remember that not-acting, not deciding, is in itself a decision….thank you….may your petals be bright today Julie…..

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