rediscovery begins from a vague nothingness…

peeking ’round into the tender glow

One of the most important differences between a change & a transition is that changes are driven to reach a goal, but transitions start with letting go of what no longer fits or is adequate to the life stage you are in. You need to figure out for yourself what exactly that no-longer-appropriate thing is. There’s no list in the back of the book. Whatever it is, it is internal. Although it might be true that you emerge from a time of transition with the clear sense that it is time for you to end a relationship or leave a job, that simply represents the change that your transition has prepared you to make. The transition itself begins with letting go of something that you have believed or assumed, some way you’ve always been or seen yourself, some outlook on the world or attitude toward others…..William Bridges

this not-knowing place can be enticing & electric….the ticking of a clock becoming louder & louder or softer & softer… depends……the end result is movement away from inertia…the sucking away from what was ordinary…the listening to possiblity….

the well cannot fill up without emptying first…

It seems that in the spiritual world, we do not really find something until we first lose it, ignore it, miss it, long for it, choose it, & personally find it again- but now on a new level. So we must stumble & fall, I am sorry to say. Until we are led to the limits of our present game plan, & find it to be insufficient, we willl not search out or find the real source, the deep well, or the constantly flowing stream. There must be, and, if we are honest, there always will be at least one situation in our lives that we cannot fix, control, explain, change, or even understand. Suffering does not solve any porblem mechanically as much as it reveals the constant problem that we are to ourselves, & opens up new spaces within us for learning & loving……Richard Rohr

deep in our own transitions helps us to appreciate the pause before peeking ’round the corner…there are no scapegoats here….simply raw courage….& pure vulnerability….it’s ok to be a little crazy here….

Beyond rational & critical thinking, we need to be called again. This can lead to the discovery of a ‘second naivete,’ which is a return to the joy of our first naivete, but now totaly new, inclusive, & mature thinking.

….Paul Ricoeur

2 thoughts on “rediscovery begins from a vague nothingness…

    • the metaphor of a dream state seems quite meaningful here….we cannot know with the rational mind in the abyss of letting go…what once was is no longer…..thank you g.f.s… is naturally the poet’s realm….

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