a mirage of elemental misunderstanding

wan dreams of light

The mystical night is not mere night, absence of light. It is a night which is sanctified by the presence of an invisible light (to which our visible, sacramental fire burning in the spring night is only a witness.) The brightness of the eternal light is so great that we cannot see it, & all other lights become darkness by comparison with it….Thomas Merton

we do not see to accept things as they are….we sift through the shadows until we find the edge of a new brilliance in a brighter light….always seeking a kinder truth…..but seeing things as they are has its own beauty….an equanimity & grace which can only be found in the flawed reality of dark & light…..in this place we live from the heart…

Don’t turn your head. Keep looking at the bandaged place. That’s where the light enters you. And don’t believe for a moment that you’re healing yourself….Rumi

breathing in crazy wisdom means we need to be a little crazy…..going against the grain of the angst seeping toward us incessantly….let go into joy when there is no joy….just defy the dark by accpeting the dark…one of life’s little secret paradoxes….

forget boundaries….

You search for God through heaven & earth, but you don’t know the one who is right before your eyes, because you don’t know to search into this very moment…


7 thoughts on “a mirage of elemental misunderstanding

  1. I was listening to Jim Finley’s The Axial Moment of Healing. He talks of studying with Merton, and one gets the impression that his influence is life changing, monumental. Here he speaks of the clear light that the mystics are drawn toward… Every moment in time is eternal…

    • It’s that finer layer we all aspire to….how fascinating to wander into dark without fear….to ‘know’ the light….Will check out Jim Finley….Thanks for the inspiration g.f.s….

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