moon after moon….lessons of the heart’s cycles, spiraling down

spiral through the keyhole

As we enter the heart’s domain, it’s good to carry with us the fruits of our mindfulness work: a sense of inner dignity, an ability to ease worry & fear, & a broader view of the self. The work of the heart- what I call ‘heartfulness,’ promises a highly developed feeling function. It involves emotional healing, & psychological revelation, & as such may lead us into troubled waters where the high waves of emotion can throw us off balance, or where backwaters of sentimentality can lull us to sleep. Without the clarifying & balancing effects of mindfulness, heartfulness work can put us at the mercy of the seas………..Elizabeth Lesser

how do we know what we are feeling?…life is enough….this gorgeous day with all of its problems & issues….the feeling that there’s never enough time….that we are not enough….we are all dying too soon, yes this is true….& so it must be important that we are here, together….moon after moon…this is the work of the heart…

So, tell me, what is it we should do with our ‘one wild & precious life?’ (Mary Oliver) This, indeed is the question. The answer can only be discovered by living life to its fullest. My friend Peter died at forty-four. Gorgeous, bright, full of love & life: too soon. His death broke my heart. Whenever he visits me in dreams, he tells me the same thing- to live my life fully. I have tattooed that message on the diaphanous skin of my one wild & precious life.  But still, I forget; I worry, complain, resist the ways in which life moves & changes. One day the sun & the earth will tilt out of balance, & the thin-skinned salamander & the furry bear- all of us- will dry up & turn to dust. On another planet, far away from here, on the same day, something mysterious will tip the scales of emptiness in the direction of life, & the story- with all of its magnificent diversity & colorful confusion- will begin anew. Will we meet there again, in some other form?….Elizabeth Lesser

may your livin’ be a little easier

without holding on….

we’re skeptical about the idea that life should be fun….there’s always so much to do before we get there….just saying it calls us on the absurdity of our comic wisdom….so start over…..the sunrise is there tomorrow for us to notice……one little moment to bow to our own heart….to our own vulnerablility….

Come, come, whoever you are,

Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving.

It doesn’t matter.

Ours is not a caravan of despair.

Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times.

Come, yet again, come, come.

….Inscription on Rumi’s Tombstone

3 thoughts on “moon after moon….lessons of the heart’s cycles, spiraling down

  1. This brought tears to my eyes, for it took so long for me to learn the truth, and even though I am immersed in the world, every moment I must remind myself that I the real I am not part of it. To live, to love, to see the absurdity it the man made world, and know the goodness of the everlasting is always a breath away … Today you have outdone yourself, this post is so inspired – Thank you, thank you, thank you …

    • I, too, feel a reality which is so layered beneath everyday experiences & encounters. Absurdity is a great description. I know this is part of ‘reality’, & I am grateful because the beauty is equally stunning as the heartache under layers. At this very moment, I am sitting with the cat, in spite of a long to-do list, because ‘there is nothing to do, & nowhere to go.’ To begin again & again is a special secret. Keep your warm heart safe g.f.s…..Blessings….

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