struggling with despair….have you forgotten to live?

pain & beauty

Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being,

we are enough…..Ram Dass

our practice is tender & virtuous, vulnerable & unpretentious….to understand how to open, we would have to force it to perceive….unfolding evolves….

In his classic ‘Zen in the Art of Archery,’ German philosopher & student of mysticism Eugen Herrigel spent six years learning to shoot a bow & arrow from a Zen master & at first suffered the self-consciousness that most of us experience when we attempt to learn something from someone else. We often feel inept & embarrassed by our obvious lack of skill, but it is that distraction that interferes with our progress. We get in our own way. It became clear to Herrigel that when we let go of such preoccupations, finally give up all calculated effort, & allow life to release the arrow, it finds its mark…..John Greer

just another reminder to choose to live….

we can re-visit realms in ourselves unheard of by letting go of our tentative fragility….our conceptions of truths, so narrow & worn out, degrade our intuitive truths…..jump out of our heads & ‘wow’ appears…..

When ‘self’ occurs, so too, the thought of ‘other.’

From ‘self-and-other’ both, attachment & aversion come.

These two combined

Are the source of every ill.


4 thoughts on “struggling with despair….have you forgotten to live?

  1. The bird pushed from its nest does not hesitate to fly, there is no ego to get in its way. Our consciousness becomes self consciousness, and in that we falter…

    • Oh, great visual…it really applies to writing & art-making doesn’t it? Getting out of our own way…an ode to the higher self…..thanks g.f.s….

    • Oh my, it is quite an illusion isn’t it? That nagging feeling that something is missing will always come back….Great insight……Blessings & Contentment to you…thanks Russell

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