rooting into the surrendering self

unconscious choices

Developing a strong sense of worthiness to fully receive what we have together, with owning our capabilities for getting what we want, create self-confidence. Unless & until we realize & accept that we are powerful beings who have the capacity to create what we want, we will go on looking for something outside of ourselves to fulfill a deeper longing for awakening to our whole self. Surrendering to the greater mystery unfolding is an action that does not arise out of impotency. It arises out of abundance, out of a plenitude of physical, mental, & emotional energy,……Don Stapleton

the fire built in our bodies by recharging our desires & goals show us our true power…our worthiness….our plentitude…..we cannot exile our strengths & weaknesses….shame & denial are not separate from our roots to the earth….they allow a purging of the soul…pulling weeds…..what endures is a fresh & meaningful wildness…..

Spiritual healing is aligning our consciousness & will with the body’s innate ability to mend & regenerate. If spirituality is a fearless, relaxed, & open-hearted investigation into life & death, then spiritual healing is a fearless, relaxed, & open-hearted investigation into the workings of the body in health & disease, in living & dying…….Elizabeth Lesser

free-flowing surrender to mysterious outcomes….

We get caught in the belief that this is not quite it….


4 thoughts on “rooting into the surrendering self

  1. We have the power don’t we? So often we let circumstances shape us instead of standing firm in who we are and letting adversity flow around us. Let’s set our own course and be as a shining star. xox

    • So true. We forget the natural process of healing…if we could only not resist….’be as a shining star’…worthy & free…love that…thanks Jeannie…

    • blooming open as a sweet & dirty & fearless endeavor engages us much more deeply on a pit-of-the-gut level…may your practice flow Karen…..Blessings….

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