an art-filled life within the artist’s ambiguity

the ecstasy

This thing we tell of can never be found by seeking,

yet only seekers find it.

….Bayazid Al-Bistami

The creation of art can release us from our individual everyday desires & intentions so that we become a unique expression of something that is not of our self or of nature. This creative act, in which the source of beauty flows forth, is the middle space beyond oppositions, a central holy place of the Absolute that forms all turning points. From here, outside of time, the grace of transformation enters into us & passes through us. Only the center unfolds the turning point of transition & transformation. It cannot be looked for & cannot be held; in every moment it is creation from nothingness as pure present, independent of the past as well as the future. The artist who turns & is transformed is a medium through which the divine passes & thus becomes its interpreter of symbols & expressions…..Rebecca Robison

the contemplative moment in art making arises as edges become fuzzier….the imagination affirms the union between the feeling of sinking & the reverie of energy rising….this is the art that heals….aware & engaged & visceral……

to fly high, one must root firmly first….

Over the centuries, artistic creativity has been related to divine inspiration, madness, sheer genius, unnameable life forces, & cosmic powers. In my view, the most useful definition of creativity is the following: people are artistically creative when they love what they are doing, know what they are doing, & actively engage in art making….Eric Maisel

right now, I’m dreaming of every minute I can just rummage in the studio…

but that means I’m not ‘doing’….dreaming can be empty……

The birds sing & you hear a tune. The sunlight falls on the studio wall & you see a new color or pattern. This is the bubble. Everything you see, hear, touch, & smell gets trapped within immediately. As you pursue your art over the years, accumulating skills & experiences, you respect this precious ideal state more deeply. When it all comes together, a creative life has the nourishing power we normally associate with food, love, & faith……Twyla Tharp

4 thoughts on “an art-filled life within the artist’s ambiguity

  1. The creative life was first lived out by the Master of the Universe–and so we learn to create by contemplation of all of nature around us.

  2. In the Agony and the Ecstasy it was sid that Michelangelo used to spend time in the morgues taking apart the bodies in order to learn the details of human anatomy. He worked on the Sistine Chapel for days on end with food. We can live on the air, if it is rarefied enough, and we are separated from the dense lower altitudes. Creation is life, and brings life to the creator, as well as to the observer … This is how we know art …

    • I love that connection between the creative fire & life-giving breath…in brief moments, it is felt, it is known divinity….may you be blessed with many of these finer moments….thanks g.f.s….

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