in between here & there…..

running into life….bring it on…..

Make no mistake, I still struggle. But the rewards are clear: I’m all here. I’m aware of what is happening in me, in my life. It’s not hidden anymore, so I have choices. I don’t have to be pulled into the darkness again to be born. I am filled with tremendous sadness for all my losses, for the loss of my youth, for lost chances. But more than that, I know that this is my path & the particular difficulties given to me are my teachers. The end result is that I can deal with life’s impermanece oh so much better than I could before my ‘spiritual’ death. I am really here…..(‘Sharon’……..I was forty-five yet lost. I was the wife of a doctor, the mother of two sons, a respected professonal. But on the inside, my marriage was in a terrible state, my work had lost its sense of meanng, my kids had grown up. I felt as if I was treading water in a stagnant pond. I did not really know how to go on. And then we got the call. My twenty year old son had been found dead. Asthma attack most likely; no one heard him scream. They say he had a branch in his hand. I could not bear to think of that, but for the next year I was haunted by images of him falling, grabbing, holding on to the branch, falling, suffering.)…….Her courageous journey took many years. It brought her to places she had never explored, & ultimately gave her back not only her marriage but also a strong sense of who she is, what she loves, & what she can give to the world. Today she is an award-winning poet, a teacher of young women in prison, a grateful wife, & a proud & loving grandmother to the children of her surviving son……Elizabeth Lesser

this quest really isn’t about the other side….it’s about this grace thing…..about how to not sleep through life so that we may offer a little heart to those in deep pain….

called to somewhere….

being off course is not the problem…’s not knowing it…….

eat life with two spoons…..

Belief is beside the point. Faith is not belief. It is not intellectual assent. It is not some ritual played so that something will happen. Faith is being turned on by an incredible vision. It is make-believe. Questions of truth & falsity remain irrelevant. Belief & disbelief are transcended in authentic faith………David Miller

2 thoughts on “in between here & there…..

  1. The is forever the calling of the soul… And in our intellectual wisdom we blind ourselves to its simple truth, to love and be loved is the greatest joy… Even those who have it in there hands may never know until heaven wakes us up… The soul has faith … Is ever patient, waiting, waiting, waiting, for us to lift our eyes…

    • beautifully stated……funny how the ebb & flow of love is so natural & deep just by being what it is….flawed & in harmony with all of our pain…..I guess the soul leads us to see… you say, patiently waiting, waiting, waiting……thanks g.f.s…..

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