the temperament of soul truth

blue on moss….kissed the truth…

When we speak instrumentally, we try to influence the listener by informing or affirming or rebuking. But when we speak expressively, we speak to express the truth within us, honoring the inner teacher by letting it know that we are attending to its voice. Of course, knowing when we are speaking from the soul rather than the intellect or ego is difficult, since the intellect & ego insist that they are the center of our lives. The signs that we are speaking from that inward center are subtle, as subtle as the stillness of a pond; the capacity to recognize them grows slowly as we speak in a space where no one is making ripples. When the space between us is made safe for the soul, a form that goes deeper than our opinions, ideas, & beliefs emerges as the truth that tells the stories of our lives……..Parker Palmer

this subtle & stiff awareness of the gray areas of our truth teach us to walk the tightrope of middle ground……being mindful is not possible here unless we have that heart connection with ourselves…..the direct line between heart & soul, unafraid of our story….

the soft spot…..

I am astonished, disappointed, pleased with myself. I am distressed, depressed, rapturous. I am all these things at once, & cannot add up the sum. I am incapable of determining ultimate worth or worthlessness; I have no judgment about myself & my life. There is nothing I am quite sure about……………Carl Jung

may the winds whip wildly, so

that you may feel safe amidst turmoil

to befriend the truth & chaos of your soul…

4 thoughts on “the temperament of soul truth

    • Indeed a noble goal, but that can be another trap of self-effacing derailment….I love Jung’s quote about ‘not knowing’…we can ‘be’ the paradox……thanks g.f.s……

  1. I picked up a book years ago titled “The Sacred Feather”
    different stories of how individual found their truths and each one found a feather, I think, not
    sure all were blue feathers as a sign they were in the right direction of their lives
    when the mundane life wears on me, I always fall back in asking the Divine for a sign, mine are blue feathers, ( favorite color)
    for the past month I have been wandering and at times lost, lots going on as my world was turned upside down,
    two days ago, I started waking up again at another crossroad….and…looking for my blue feather,
    I haven’t been here in a month, my thoughts couldn’t seem to form words, today I was drawn to your title..and there was my blue feather on beautiful moss…
    Thank you….I needed this today
    Take Care…
    You Matter…
    and it is a wonderful post!

    • Your words have warmed me…..we carry each other along don’t we?…….this blue feather was found on a retreat as I begin my master’s journey, diving into spiritual studies….I needed this feather too, deep in the beginning of transformation….how lovely to pass it on… matter too & I wish you the peace & trust to be in the process….Blessings l.b.s…..

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