the luminosity triggered by knowing…

sacred cave of the heart in being…

We are just sitting here &, in only one second, you’re in being. When I say you’re in being, there’s no ‘you’ that’s in it- it’s just the sense of being at home. And it’s not something that you did because being was always here. It’s just that instead of attention being paid to the activity of mentation, it drops down. And it’s not a voluntary thing that anybody is doing- it’s being. So there’s nobody that can do it. The doer you think you are cannot do it, which is more clear than to say you can’t do it. Do you understand what I am saying?………Isaac Shapiro

this is the difficulty with ‘witness consciousness’….that part of us that ‘knows’ we are not our thinking mind…the detached part that sees ourselves from a distance…the struggle is exactly in that ‘can’t quite catch it’ feeling…that vague sense of disconnection where ‘dropping down’ is elusive & surreal…..

the edge of mystery tugs at soul memory….

Buddhism agrees with most of the opinions of science concerning the universe’s evolution- except of course, for the notion of a ‘beginning’- but it disagrees about the origin of consciousness. There is a fundamental quality of mind that is present at all times: the basic quality of knowing, of being aware. It is said that consciousness possesses a fundamental clarity of luminosity, opposite of the ‘cognitive darkness’ of inanimate objects. Pure consciousness is self-illuminating like the flame of a lamp that illuminates other objects, but does not need to illuminate itself, for light is its very nature…..Matthieu Ricard

sounds a little like spontaneous magic, sparking the deep night

in a rain of mystic purity…

2 thoughts on “the luminosity triggered by knowing…

    • love the synergy you describe as the Web……a contained, vital structure… fascia in the body….this could be fascia of the Soul……..connecting all of us, protecting us….a way for us to know pure Okness…..thanks for this feathery thought g.f.s…..

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