stone souls…..smooth as grace….


Healing is a sign of life’s desire to refresh & renew itself. It is evidence that life has been infused with a vitality that allows for regeneration, sometimes even resurrection. Healing is an energy that pulses through all living matter, leading irresistably toward wholeness. Healing is rooted in the Source of life itself. It is the original act of creation taking place again & again, in bodies & minds, & in people’s stories & dreams. You cannot ‘do’ healing presence- you ‘become’ healing presence……J. Miller & S. Cutshall

this is where we find our fear….lying in the crevices in between renewal & waylaying resignation…..can we heal ourselves first? can we have gratitude for the space that needs healing? can we become that pain to know that pain?

the inertia that is driven to hide…..

As we become aware of our fears & lean to hold them compassionately, we sink down to a place in our hearts of perfect peace. We learn that we are safe regardless of how many fears come up. We know we are worthy. Living in the heart means finding this place of acceptance within….Paul Ferrini

this could possibly be the primal act of divine instinct….coming into our own through our stone hearts….a movement toward grace…we should be eternally grateful to our old, cold hearts….

One day I saw with the eyes of my eternity

in bliss & without effort, a stone.

This stone was like a great mountain

& was of assorted colors.

It tasted sweet, like heavenly herbs.

I asked the sweet stone, ‘Who are you?’

It replied, ‘I am Jesus.’

…Mechtild of Magdeburg

4 thoughts on “stone souls…..smooth as grace….

  1. Life has a longing for itself, a wisdom that our own consciousness often usurps. Through the cold weather learn to find warmth, first through our skin and then into our hearts…

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