soothing reassurance to let it be….

mindful doubt

Even though I believe in living in the open, parts of me hide. I can’t help it. But what I can help is which parts of me- the open or the hidden- run my life. What I can rely on is this inexplicable knowing that when I am in the open, life nourishes even those parts so sorely hidden. We become so preoccupied with what we are not able to address, what we are not able to mend, what we are not able to leave behind, that we forget that whatever we are in the light of day is slowly, but surely, healing the rest of us. The love we show saves the love we hide, the way a sprig in sun feeds its unseen root…..Mark Nepo

we can remember these roots as archetypal remnants…no need to worry or fuss….they lead us home…the timelessness of essence, of ‘what is’…..shine on & the hidden bits simply sleep….

There is a metaphor that evokes a sense of eternity, which is measured in what is referred to as ‘kalpas.’ A kalpa is metaphorically described as the time it would take a bird with a silk scarf in its mouth to wear away the world’s highest mountain by passing over it once every hundred years. The image of this light, soft cloth brushing over granite peaks yields a sense of the Unknowable, of the Unfathomable for which no beginning or end can be imagined. When we recognize the conventional nature of the self, & intuitively see its unreality, then we free our selves from the grip of guilt, resentment worry, & fear….John Greer

shattering our hardened faces….

we seek safe passages….identify with newborn babies & dying friends….yet we cannot always seem to honor our muddled hearts….

O friend, understand: the body is

like the ocean, rich with hidden treasures.

Open your inmost chamber & light its lamp.


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