everything is alright forever

whisper in the moment…

Theologian Matthew Fox says that as a species, we have much to learn about the deeper lessons of living and being human. Among these he cites four important ones:

The dark night as a learning place…..

The softening and watering of the heart…..

The awakening of imagination, play, and the creative impulse nourishes the quest for repose….

The purification of our longing- What do we truly cherish and truly long for? What sacrifices are we willing to undergo to obtain that which we long for?…..

Awakening to what nurtures us means letting go of what does not nurture us, and letting be what does.

Our longings, when purified by clarity, allow us to align with what is meaningful and provides fulfilling growth.

Achieving clarity requires the intentional sacrifices of letting go of what is not in alignment with our longing.

…..Angeles Arrien

the lessons of being human, of harvesting and of letting be are the labors of autumn….we see in the stripped down days, in the starkness of wind and bare trees, through the hazy color….we learn what truly matters….consider your own harvesting as a ritual of effortless opportunity, without judgment……

the untouched moment is your sleeping life….

Try: Reminding yourself from time to time: ‘This is it.’ See if there is anything at all that it cannot be applied to. Remind yourself that acceptance of the present moment has nothing to do with resignation in the face of what is happening. It simply means a clear acknowledgement that ‘what is happening is happening.’ Acceptance doesn’t tell you what to do. What happens next, what you choose to do, that has to come out of your understanding of this moment. You might try acting out of a deep knowing of ‘This is it.’ Does it influence how you choose to proceed or respond? Is it possible for you to contemplate that in a very real way, this may actually be the best season, the best moment of your life? If that was so, what would it mean for you?…..Jon Kabat-Zinn

2 thoughts on “everything is alright forever

  1. When we live looking back, living in the past, we don’t grow, we withdraw. We we live in anticipation we live in fantasy or in fear, yet living in the present moment allows us to create a past and a future more meaningful in error every way…

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