the great storms that flood the heart….

the storms of our lives….

Sometimes we grow most through suffering, loss, and betrayal. The unexpected breakups that befall us deepen our capacity to lead an authentic and free life. Often by working our way through our difficulties, our ability to love and feel compassion deepens, along with the wisdom that will help us through similar problems in the future. And learning how to survive our own difficulties is one of the few things that will help us to know the right things to say and do when others whom we love suffer as well. Become aware of your cycles in the long history of time, how your life moves with the great turning of the seasons. Become aware of how many broken hearts there are right now all over the world. You are part of an eternal cycle of joining and separating that you share with all living beings, from all times. From the perspective of your vast wisdom, realize that people and things are not possessed by you, they’re here for their purpose only. They arrive and pass away, and you can witness them all- the rising and falling- from this wise and understanding perspective. Regardless of your losses, you remain whole…..Jack Kornfield

to feel this rapture of being alive is to suggest an honesty and a love daring enough to hold the repression and avoidance of emotion that floods our heart’s capacity….

It’s a wild world, and surely the God who dances in its torrents and tides is a wild God. A due sense of holy fear in the face of this wildness can fuel both awestruck adoration and an urgent desire to meet the challenge of life in this kind of universe. Wildness is not necessarily arbitrary or whimsical. It has patterns all of its own, which can be discovered by watchful observation and careful approach. The weather is wild in this sense, as is the ferocious Love that works through all means, including life’s dark storms, to mold and shape us into full-fledged partners of the divine dance. Holy fear can waken us to that uncontrollable Immensity who works for good through all of life, dancing even in the midst of danger and destruction, whispering, ‘Do not be afraid!’ Perhaps only then can we approach life with the full reverence it deserves, fearful only that we will miss its unspeakable glory or fail to apprehend the awesome Love that dwells even at the heart of the whirlwind……Robert Corn Morris

the contradictory, messy and amazing storms of our hearts…..

Wherever you are,

Whatever the condition is,

Always try to be a lover.


2 thoughts on “the great storms that flood the heart….

  1. Occupied by the storm yesterday, and now the aftermath, we will never get those days back… But should we? The lesson here and from the storm are the same. Life is lived in tides and eddies, emotion revealed is the ocean made. As the oak and the elm drop their leaves in autumn so we must understand our seasons, and realize there may not be a pill to make us feel better… Time, that 3D substance of ours is there for us to learn

    • ‘Emotion revealed is the ocean made.’ Love that. Lessons of the storm go deep if we allow its full expression….time moves as in a dream…..and with each breath we take….may you weather the tides well g.f.s……

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