the deep saunter through longing

Our relationship with our deeper selves is the foundation upon which we achieve any notable communion with others. What makes something sacred is its embeddedness in the transpersonal which is both soulful and divine. The ego is a ‘partial person’ within the greater whole of the psyche. Before soul initiation, the ego feels a genuine and inconsolable loneliness and longing. It really does need to be completed by something. The longing to find and join with the beloved of the soul is the allurement that pulls us toward becoming fully human. As our relationship to soul develops, our ability to love the world and all its creatures- through caring, appreciation, gratitude, and service- grows accordingly……Bill Plotkin

we have less tolerance for dogma and complacency when we know how precious our life is…how sweet it is to gift our presence and to honor the delusions and deep holes of the self…..when we lose the grip of our firm reality, the world lights up…..our heart echoes….

We have a foot in two very different worlds, one of numberless divided parts and the other of the whole. No wonder we struggle with doubt. It is our minds that have guided us thus far through the maze of a finite human reality, while our hearts continue to call us back to the infinite. To realize the truth of existence and our own nature, we must bridge the two seemingly incompatible halves of our being, uniting them into one magical expression of what is. To find our way out of delusion and plumb the depths of life’s mystery, we must still the mind and its insistent dualism. We must discern the difference between the transcendent truth and its multiple forms, or, as Huston Smith once put it, find its essence as one would find the poetry in the poems……..John Greer

don’t leave your soul behind….

It was when I said,

‘There is no such thing as the truth,’

That the grapes seemed fatter.

The fox ran out of his hole.

You…You said,

‘There are many truths,

But they are not parts of a truth.’

Then the tree, at night, began to change,

Smoking through green and smoking blue.

We were two figures in a wood.

We said we stood alone.

It was when I said,

‘Words are not forms of a single word.

In the sum of the parts, there are only the parts.

The world must be measured by eye’;

It was when you said,

‘The idols have seen lots of poverty,

Snakes and gold and lice,

But not the truth’;

It was at that time, that the silence was largest

And longest, the night was roundest,

The fragrance of the autumn warmest,

Closest and strongest.

…..Wallace Stevens

2 thoughts on “the deep saunter through longing

  1. I cannot describe the process from memory, but there is a marriage of mind and heart that takes place during initiation, bringing the soul and the Spirit into communion. This is the voyage for the golden fleece, the quest for the Holy grail veiled in the myths and mysteries for eons of time. The tree of life unlocks this door, many are called, but few accept, the way is long and the gate is narrow….

    • I so resonate with the mystery behind this process, the ‘initiation’……that’s the graceful beauty….the realm of imagination….the heart of compassion….it is not an easy passage by any means….so many and so much seems to be left behind at first…takes a long time to find that soul communion…….may your poetry feed the journey g.f.s….

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