surrender to a kid’s messy magic

remember sweetness

The deepest mystery of human desiring is that it springs from the Divine itself. We do not create our desires from beauty, compassion, justice, love, peace, and excellence. They create us. In many ways, we’ve gotten the direction of prayer backward: What we call prayer actually begins with the Divine, not with us. It wells up out of God’s own desires from the ongoing life of the world. The Divine prays to us and through us, calling us to join the desires for a world radiant with glory and for human lives strong enough to thrive in such an atmosphere. Our participation in that ongoing prayer begins in the depths of our unconscious when a divine desire stirs our own desiring. As Saint Paul puts it, the Spirit wants to work with and through our deepest and truest desires, moving through us with ‘sighs too deep for words,’ opening our lives to the Divine. Prayer connects heart, mind, and body to the generous Spirit that stands ready to move through any available opening, bestowing whatever goodness may be possible in any given situation……Robert Corin Morris

we forget to that we are children….we live to live….when we play we play… pray is to know……a little magic with a kid opens us to the land of enchantment….their hearts have never closed…..

listen to the children….they know where the spirits dance….

There is nothing in the world that should not be expressed in such a way that an affectionate seven-year-old boy can see and understand it.

……..Leo Tolstoy


For children, spirituality is not delivered in a church sermon, nor is it an acquired skill, like reading and arithmetic. It is part of who they are, the core of their being and the source of their wondering about the world. We can acknowledge our children as divine beings, and we can live spirtually ourselves. It means opening our life, making room for spirit in the midst of domesticity, work, and obligation. When we live in a way that is consistent with our own beliefs and ideals, we give our children a gift. We bring spirituality into the here and now. We teach them that deeds and words are expressions of the spirit, that our gestures speak for our souls….. Katrina Kenison

5 thoughts on “surrender to a kid’s messy magic

  1. When the Europeans came to this continent they met a race, who like children they did not understand, so set about to educate them in their ways. So even today we are learning their lesson, that the wind has no home, that the land is not ours to keep, and the elk and bison are our own body too… Seeing now how my grandchildren view the world, I know even better than when raising my own how wondrous they see the world…

    • Very wise…..listening & opening are skills….& allowing ourselves to be surprised… step-grandkids teach me so much too & it’s all new for me because I don’t have kids….wondrous indeed…this quote is from ‘Mitten Strings from God’….a great book on ‘being with’ kids….enjoy your g.f.s…..

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