nurturing the pilgrim’s journey

not fade away….

The stars twinkled in the sky.

In space- billions of universes.


Resting my forehead in my hand & thinking…

I do not dream.

A big Reality has awoken me.

A truth that strikes the eye.

The truth that is being, visible, unique.


I- under this huge starry dome.

I- perceiving its entirety with my brain.

I relish it, I become one with myself

And slowly- inside- I am restored to myself:

To profound joy and perfect rhythm.

All my thoughts, words & deeds

Were only bringing me closer

To universal embrace:

Here I am resting joyfully in myself,

Wrapped in deep silence on all sides,

And my heart beats in the rhythm of everything

Which surrounds me.

Enough. No need for words.

…Julian Tuwim

sifting through stars as if we are gliding through the night sky….calls us into reverie, into the unfathomable beauty of what it means to rest here for a little while….our own pilgrimage to Self, to Love, to Alchemy…..

We learn to live

in paradox,

in a world where

two apparently exclusive views

are held at the same time.

In this world,

rhythms of paradox are circuitous,

slow, born of feeling

rising from the thinking heart.

Many sense such a place exists.

Few talk or walk from it.

….Marion Woodman

the music of our soul is waiting to be discovered….

In the early Christian era, many Celtic Christians embarked on a kind of pilgrimage called a ‘peregrinatio.’ Unlike the pilgrimages to the Holy Land undertaken by Christians in the Middle Ages, a peregrinatio proposes no specific relic to see, shrine to visit, or icon to venerate.  Nothing allows the pilgrim to return home with a sense of ‘I’ve been there and done that.‘  Instead, a peregrinatio is a wandering into the unknown, inaugurated by the pilgrim’s inner conviction of fate and fortune.  Essentially a peregrinatio represents travel for the sake of Love, initiated and sustained by the love of God.  It calls the traveler to leave all that is familiar, to let go of security and any goals or desires for life except one; to find the place of one’s own resurrection…..Karla Kincannon

2 thoughts on “nurturing the pilgrim’s journey

  1. Planet literally means ‘wandering star’. I look at the eastern sky these past nights and Jupiter shines brightly reminding us of our journey through life is a reflection of the light of the sun. Do we bury the soul in the matter(s) of daily life, only to meet it again when we cross into the great unknown, or do we take a moment each morning to realize we are reborn from the night and our soul is our truest companion in the light of day…

    • Beautiful…..this is one to make a note of and post on my desk:)……yes, being reborn in the night to know our soul in the light…..I like to think of all of us as ‘wandering stars’…..ode to the poetic soul g.f.s….

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