a human encounter with the holy

‘You understand,’ said Chaydem, ‘but the reality of it escapes you. Understanding is nothing. The eyes must be kept open, constantly. To open your eyes you must relax, not strain. Don’t be afraid of falling backwards into a bottomless pit. There is nothing to fall into. You’re in it and of it, and one day, if you persist, you will be it. I don’t say you will have it, please notice, because there’s nothing to possess. Neither are you to be possessed, remember that! You are to liberate your self. There are no exercises, physical, spiritual, to practice. All such things are like incense- they awaken a feeling of holiness. We must be holy without holiness. We must be whole….complete. That’s being holy. Any other kind of holiness is false, a snare, and a delusion…..Henry Miller

the taste of ice cold milk…..waking up to sunshine and birds singing….writing a love note…..petting the cat……a pile of new books…..ensconced in an art project…..crying for someone…..knowing an era is done…..feeling my age some days….letting go of time…..singing to the kids……

what’s your list of holy without holiness?

Take the moon reflected on the surface of a lake as an example. It is brilliantly apparent, but you cannot trap it.  It is vividly present and at the same time utterly intangible. The same is true of the mind. By its very nature, which is the indivisible union of emptiness and luminosity, nothing can obstruct it and it can obstruct nothing. It is unlike a solid object, such as a rock, with a physical, exclusive presence. In essence, the mind is insubstantial and omnipresent. The perceptions of samsara and nirvana are simply the play of the mind’s natural creativity, the radiance of its emptiness. The essence of this radiance is emptiness, and the expression of emptiness is radiance. They are invisible….Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

……….and maybe essence is the sheer effort it takes to let go…….

Dear Leonard, to look life in the face,

always to look life in the face, & to know what it is,

to love it for what it is.

At last to know it. To love it for what it is.

And then to put it away.

…Virginia Woolf

9 thoughts on “a human encounter with the holy

  1. I once asked a friend what was the difference between fiction and literature, and the response I got was “the reader”. I could agree with that in a sense, but I would have to also think that literature holds a secret, has that quality of holiness that somewhere in time the reader discovers – like music with ‘soul’ we become entranced, it moves to another place …

    • I agree with you….I truly believe that creativity comes from something ‘bigger’ than us. Indeed it moves us to another place, by moving through us….this is part of what I think ‘flow’ theory is about….We lose ourselves in our creative endeavor because of that (whatever you want to call it- Source, God, Soul….) which is holy…..thanks g.f.s….

  2. Far more than the measure of days is the measure of living – of moments. As writers, we spend our best trying to capture a single thought or a precise moment to words. And yet, it is the living that defines them most. The best are precious, and almost unbearably sweet. I can often light up at a mere memory; as surely as the sun feels in the morning sky. But trying to put what I feel (what I know) into words, well somehow it is diminished in the process, like pinning a butterfly under glass. Like trying to describe a sunset, or love, or the moment when understanding is (at last) understood. Surely, it is existing that transforms us….and the making of every single moment – well, that is the true essence of our days. Thank you, Blue. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • I agree with allowing the mystery to simply resonate in softness…..life in the details….the space in between…..I like ‘unbearably sweet’…….love your poetic sensitivities to nuance….lovely…..thanks for gifting us…..

  3. I agree with Miller – create, be productive, experience life by focusing on reality not some mystical image of what might be real. Love life as you possess it and leave that responsibility to those who remain after you cease to be.

    • Indeed. Leaving behind what is not ours, what is not real, including many fears, is wise council. A great ‘get on with it & live’ mentality which serves us well. This is being awake & out of our heads. May you find liberation in the moment….Thanks Rick….

      • At 63 it would be foolish to live any other way than moment by moment. At 20, living this way may not lengthen your life, but it will advance your life’s experiences to much greater heights than those too afraid to simply live.

  4. Henry Miller AND Virginia Woolf. Powerful minds. Virginia wrote this note to her beloved husband shortly before putting life away by drowning herself (granted she did not want to subject herself and him to yet another tortuous time of deep ) May we have the strength to love live and embrace it.

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