the quest for bliss & the gentle art of failure

a snapshot of potential growth….

Growth means overcoming our own personal resistances. Surprisingly, we fear our potential greatness almost as much as our present weakness. One reason is that we are wary of seeming vain, inflated, or grandiose. We also fear that if we grew into our greatness we would be very different people. We would have to give up our old familiar myths and stories about who we are because, as psychologist Jean Houston recognized, we are required to die to one story, one myth, in order to be reborn to a larger one. Authentic spiritual practices foster development. Spiritual disciplines restart or accelerate psychological and spiritual growth, taking us at whatever level we are stuck on and helping us to grow beyond it. Postconventional wisdom can seriously undermine conventional assumptions and ways of life, the innumerable shared myths (such as that money can guarantee happiness or that our nation is superior) that lull individuals and societies asleep and maintain the status quo. A person attempting to grow beyond the usual conventional level cannot expect much support from society. Given these difficulties, growth looks like a sacrifice. Only afterward is it apparent that the only sacrifice was the loss of the cold comfort of one’s formerly constricted way of life……..Roger Walsh

it is sobering to unravel our motivations, our fundamental fears and our confusing awakenings… one understands… one can really help….it’s the deepest calling to resist our resistance… continue to love in the dark….to commit to the pale dawn of practice again and again…..this is the natural falling away of the scattered untruths that litter our path of perspective…..a freedom never known seeps in deep beneath the fantasy….

resist the cynicism of fear…..

Whatever it is I was made for

I haven’t yet


The morning makes its way up the street

as a loose pack of wild dogs

Their invisible metal teeth


all the birds

in the neighborhood

and me.

….Michael Dickman

the inertia lifts into spontaneous and unconflicted motion…

the separate self sits quietly idle….

befriending and arriving at the nameless gate…

what Buddhists call ‘effortless effort’…..

At fifteen, I set my heart upon learning.

At thirty, I had planted my feet firm upon the ground.

At forty, I no longer suffered from perplexities.

At fifty, I knew what were the biddings of Heaven.

At sixty, I heard them with a docile ear.

At seventy, I could follow the dictates of my own heart;

for what I desired no longer overstepped the boundaries of right.


9 thoughts on “the quest for bliss & the gentle art of failure

  1. There is a subtle but pervasive movement afoot that will settle for nothing less than the complete control of our minds. Allowing us to become complacent within the dictates of a self professed moral society. It is so well ingrained that those who attempt to step out of its technologically endowed management and control system are quickly labeled – heritics of the new thought, and face an inquisition from all those who abdicated their free will to the imagined safety of the society… Dare to dream I say! Dare live as an unfettered soul …

    • A soulful revolution! Daring to live in complete integrity and compassionate awareness……it is so true how deadened many of us are….complacent and drugged by consumerism and detached from the natural world…..may we consider our roots and dare to risk for love……poets and mystics fly g.f.s….

  2. Blue, you remember those pictures from years ago – the ones that were a type of 3D digital manipulation – a picture hidden within a picture? You would stare at them forever trying to find the shadow of an edge, such that realization would come. But it wouldn’t. And then, one day, you let your view soften and THERE – there it was – hidden in plain view. Truth is that way. Once we seek to find it for ourselves (when we are ready), it will be revealed. And once we know, we can never unknow!! How truly beautiful that is…….. Graces abounding beyond our ability to count! ~ Love, Bobbie

    • So true…..we can never unknow….a sobering truth some days:) and only known when we’re ready…..funny how life unfolds as it should…..all is ok…..grace revealed in the open places of our lives… 3D and shadowed…..thank you for shining your light Bobbie….

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