rekindle the fire in the ice of winter’s longing

delicate sky

Profound, transformative, and liberating experiences are frequently recast as higher or deeper truths. As human beings, we struggle with life, and when we find a way of experiencing life that ends all struggle and suffering, we grasp, we hold, we cling. Nothing is more important. We know that something else is possible.  We are different because of it. You put your experience into words. But these words are as relevant as proofs of the existence of God. There is no ultimate truth. There is no relative truth. These are just notions, ideas. You have not touched cosmic consciousness, the one true reality, the ultimate, the infinite, the totality pure. Those words don’t refer to anything. They are poetry, but people forget that. You’ve experienced something, something profound, and it has changed you. Great. But for goodness’ sake, don’t make a religion out of it. Just live it……..Ken McLeod

when we listen deeply, a threshold is edged and we tunnel into a new body wisdom….the resistance only comes later, when fear sets in…..where the gentlest things shine above the dark and unnamed landscape of the soul, a shift in perception becomes palpable….seeing through the lens of alchemy’s entanglements…..

there is no time to make it other than what it is….

In each of us there is a longing to live our purpose, to ‘find the meaning and make the meaning our goal.’ This is what calls us on our journey through life, and for some people, if they are fortunate, it is played out through the events of their life, a life which then becomes deeply meaningful and fulfilling. Of course it is easy to be sidetracked. For some people spiritual life offers a way to try to regain this meaning, to reconnect with this purpose, and yet it also has its distractions and illusions of light. There are so many ways to get lost in this world. But underneath the play of events, the seeking of purpose, the losing and finding, is this simple meeting of the Divine and the human. All of the struggle and seeking for meaning takes one to this place, to this meeting that happens again and again in every instant. We are the divine purpose being made manifest…..Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

the  dawn of winter shows no sign of spring…..

the limbo of reckoning,

like the frozen crocuses underground, whisper nothing……

and tears melt ice oh so slowly…..

You who have waited for Me, receive Me.

Do not be ignorant of Me,

but take Me into you heart.


4 thoughts on “rekindle the fire in the ice of winter’s longing

  1. Do not make a religion of it … No truer words were ever written. In the egos longing to be recognized it has to sell its religious experience to any one who will listen. So it gathers souls around its false god and builds salvation using fear, when the reality is as the last three sentences state; receive the knowledge of love into your heart ….

    • Dogma is safe. A place to hide from fear. And we don’t even see it. But yes, love opens us up wide… hiding…..a holy place of gathering together…..clarity……thanks for seeking truth g.f.s….

  2. Well said, Blue. In my life, I have known many ‘prophets’. And among them – those who rule by fear, those who rule by guilt, and those so sure they have cornered the market of knowledge that they have stopped learning – have stopped loving. I pray for them all. Arrogance is hard to fight, for its mere existence leaves no room for any deeper understanding. As with love, in defining truth we make it less. Thank you, Blue.

    • One of the hardest practices is to love fully and to let go….to not be tied to outcome and yet give freely……to know, yet to be humbled by the mystery……hmmm…’in defining truth we make it less.’ Truth indeed. Keep gathering softness Bobbie…..

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