burst into full-on life like deep red fireworks

burst open

burst open

Once we experience a moment of the joy that comes from being right here, right now, we can never forget its possibility. With spiritual practice, ‘ah’ usually shows up as a first taste of ‘just this’ or timelessness or spot-on grace. When we taste it, there is no going back. The consciousness shift has happened. We know that enlightenment is possible. We know that grace pervades everywhere and everything. My experience has taught me that this ‘ah’ marks only the beginning of the transformation process. There is still work to be done- but if we do the work, we experience surprises that reward our continued effort. As we keep practicing, we start to see how we really are our own worst enemy- and that we can stop. The concrete form we’ve labeled with our name becomes increasingly porous until we find ourselves smack in the middle of the whole universe, as the whole universe. We each have it in us to do what needs doing. Intuition grows. Compassion expands. We fall in love with the world, and it falls in love right back……Geri Larkin

holding all that suffering in the little pit of ourselves is like planting a seed….it roots, it grows, it expands, it bursts open into tiny, magnificent and iridescent little flames….whispering sweet nothings of endless transformation…..from the uglies to the uglies with life knowings…a new kind of beauty….

Is it by the ocean’s grace that the wave finds the shore or the creek winds its way back to its source? The answer lies in the law of existence, the way things are, what Buddhists call the Dharma. The key to the gateless gate is not turned by our actions or efforts. As Watts would say, ‘It is because we don’t know how to make it happen that it can transcend the limits of the will.’ There is no secret formula, no expedient we need to find, and no ‘skillful means’ that will enable us to cross to the other side of the veil. The entrance is blocked until naked awareness, the beginning and end of the human experience, allows us to see it has never been closed. Nothing needs to be done…….John Greer

sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do…

….what to choose?

Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe is based upon our perceptions. What we perceive depends upon what we look for. What we look for depends on what we think. What we think depends on what we perceive. What we perceive determines what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality…..David Bohm

7 thoughts on “burst into full-on life like deep red fireworks

  1. The Tao says to us the ocean is the greatest because it lies the lowest. All creeks streams, and river flow down to the sea. Everything revolves and yet we perceive ourselves standing still. Consciousness defies description, yet it is only through consciousness that we can ask the question about what it is … “Time is the relative motion in consciousness compared to the relative motion of the background of experience” – gfs

    • Maybe grace is so powerful because it moves as you describe….an evolution that defies our interpretations…..this ‘naked awareness’ becomes flow…..well stated g.f.s…..

  2. How many live with the fear of knowing, the fear of becoming, the fear of losing? I hurt for those who can never quite understand that you can only lose what you have; you cannot lose who you are. Lovely, as always, Blue. ~ Bobbie

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