the fresh blush of color in the transpersonal soul

dream in color

dream in the transformation of color

What capacities lie unrecognized within us? What currently unfathomable abilities lie dormant, and what can we do to speed their appearance? These are humbling questions that remind us that for all we know our potentials may exceed our wildest dreams. Plotinus claimed that humankind stands poised midway between the beasts and the gods. Perhaps this is another way of saying that we stand midway on our developmental and evolutionary trajectory to full human potential. If we harbor undreamed-of possibilities, if normality is actually frozen development, the next question is obvious. How can we overcome these blocks and foster individual and collective maturation? The most crucial educational challenges of our time, then, are not those that currently concern most politicians and educators in the West, such as how to raise math scores or foster interest in science. Rather, from global and transpersonal perspectives the key questions of our time are how to make education available worldwide as a cultural resource for fostering lifelong maturation from childhood enrichment to transpersonal development…..Roger Walsh

when we see things as they actually are, in full bloom, in full color, in full reality, we seize an introspective freshness, dream wildly & dispel shadows, reaching a new purity of potential…..maybe there is a quiet awareness that interprets the art of transcendence into our inner & outer world?….like a sacrament of perception, the modern-day mystic liberates the subtleties of the heart……

Whereas existentialism leaves us marooned in a no-exit situation of heightened awareness of existential limits and suffering, the art or technology of transcendence offers a way out. For existentialism, wisdom consists of recognizing these painful facts of life and accepting them with authenticity, resoluteness, and courage. For contemplative traditions this existential attitude is a preliminary rather than a final wisdom and is used to redirect motivation away from trivial, egocentric pursuits toward the contemplative practices that lead to deeper wisdom. This deeper wisdom recognizes that the sense of being marooned in a no-exit situation of limits and suffering can be transcended through transforming the self that seems to suffer. Such wisdom springs from the development of direct intuitive insight into the nature of mind, self, consciousness, and cosmos………Frances Vaughan

the primitive act of beauty realized….

If the doors of perception were cleansed

everything would appear to man as it is, infinite

For man has closed himself up.

’til he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.

…..William Blake

7 thoughts on “the fresh blush of color in the transpersonal soul

  1. Parallels abound … Like the two slit experiment showing the refraction of light, as Blake so aptly observes we look out through the chinks in our cavern, we catch glimpses of eternity through these facets of perception of infinity, of the true connectedness that runs between us all, there is a deep sadness at the brokenness of so many, yet a joy unbounding, a bliss, in knowing one by one stars come out in the twilight sky, and they shine in and through us as our universe is again become whole

    • That feeling of inter-being with the stars and the sky heals and mirrors us back to each other… least these glimpses keep us afloat…..beautifully poetic as always g.f.s……

  2. Through love and through exposure to beauty, we continually evolve our perception (of the world, of ourselves). Unfortunately, it is easy to ‘stop seeing’ that with which we are familiar. Perhaps that is part of the writer’s role – to take the mundane and give it new meaning, such that it inspires new perception. Thought-provoking as always, Blue. And I love the flowers! ~ Love, Bobbie

    • don’t ever underestimate the power you have in poetry…..such inspiration and an essential connection to beauty indeed….love & light Bobbie….

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