a red, cataclysmic force of sacred emergence

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properties & characteristics of experiencing…

1) The good experiencer gets ‘utterly lost in the present.’ He loses his past and his future for the time being and lives totally in the here-now experience. He is ‘all there,’ immersed, concentrated, fascinated.

2) Self-consciousness is lost for the moment.

3) The experiencing is timeless, placeless, societyless, historyless.

4) In the fullest experiencing, a kind of melting together of the person experiencing with that which is experienced occurs. This is difficult to put into words but I shall try below.

5) The experiencer becomes more ‘innocent,’ more receptive without questioning, as children are. In the purest extreme the person is naked in the situation, guileless, without expectations or worries of any kind, without ‘shoulds’ or ‘oughts,’ without filtering the experience through any a priori ideas of what the experience should be, or of what is normal, correct, proper, right, The innocent child receives whatever happens without astonishment, shock, indignation, or denial and without any impulse to ‘improve’ it. The full experience inundates the ‘helpless,’ willl-less, amazed, and unselfishly interested experiencer.

6) In the good instance fear disappears (along with all other personal or selfish considerations). The person is then nondefensive. The experience rushes in upon him without hindrance.

7) Striving, willing, straining tend to disappear. Experience happens without being made to happen.

8) All of this adds up to laying aside all the characteristics of our most prideful rationality, our words, our analysis, our ability to dissect, to classify, to define, to be logical. All of these processes are postponed. To the extent that they intrude to that extent is the experience less ‘full.’

……Abraham Maslow

this red is full of the nuance of heart and soul uniting in a cosmic clash of fearless renaissance….our destiny is shaped by our direct ability to own our desire for pure, raw wonder….to see that nonordinary superconscious realm as our inalienable right….the red, coiled earth energy….of beauty…..of serendipity…..of paradise….4 chambers of deep crimson red, pulsing life…..

While rushing to complete your dearest plans that you tell no one, you can bump into another and groceries will fly, and while picking up the ketchup, you might fall in love. Or in your second year of college, while studying what Mom & Dad want you to be, you can accidentally open a book on Albert Schweitzer and discover that you feel compelled to go to Africa. Or, understanding geometry, you might decide to become a gardener, finding endless joy in creating landscapes. Or the death of  your grandmother might open a side of you that is starving for history. In my case, losing a rib to cancer made me discover the Adam in me. It seems that any moment of interest or pain or adversity can surprise us into the larger totality of life, breaking our current limits and allowing us the chance to redefine ourselves in regard to the larger sense that is upon us. That we are opened- so suddenly, so often- is the way the soul unfolds on Earth. We can never be prepared for everything. No one person can anticipate all of life. In fact, overpreparation is yet another way to wall ourselves in from life. Rather, we can only prepare for how we might respond to the gift of surprise that often moves in on us faster that our reflex to resist. Life is surprising, thank God, and God, the chance to know Oneness, lives in surprise. For God is seldom in our plans, but always the unexpected…..Mark Nepo

red cars, red dreams, red beds, red balloons,

red hearts…

Our brightest blazes of gladness

are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks.
…Samuel Johnson

6 thoughts on “a red, cataclysmic force of sacred emergence

  1. Watching a TV program on time about a man who lived in Brooklyn, NY, who life’s endeavor was building motorcycles, I could see in his eyes and hear from the passion of his voice that he was in a Zen place in his life, his living, without ever seeking, he found his presence, his life was an ever present “now”. In the movie “Castle Keep” from many years ago, one of the soldiers drops out of the war and decides to stay in the town where they have been stationed and become a baker, “these people need bread” … Two simple examples of experiences … Moments, like the wind, have a way of guiding our course …

    • such an astonishing way to look at one’s life…..where are we lit up? and does that fit with the rest of our life? it’s so simple really….I have followed many roads through intuitive gleanings…..best decisions ever….’moments, like the wind’ as you say are then more easily understood….may you find a few surprises g.f.s…

  2. Maslow’s good at categorizing reality. Cool to see he categorized “experience” and “experiencer”. You are such an artist, piecing together color, poetry, and pictures : )

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