soulful prayers for a new year of gratitude

Pics for Blog Edits2When they stay quiet in the muteness of naked truth, resting in a simple and open-eyed awareness, attentive to the darkness which baffles them, a subtle and indefinable peace begins to seep into their souls and occupies them with a deep and inexplicable satisfaction….What is it? It is hard to say: but one feels that it is somehow summed up in ‘the will of God’ or simply, ‘God.’..Thomas Merton

this gift of life continues to unfold…as we pause at midnight, may authentic and heart-filled gratitude seize any needless worrying…..toast to the wisdom growing, forever growing….our seeking ways reflect our soul journey…..

When the soul awakens at midlife and presents its gifts, life is permanently marked by the inclusion of them. Taken in, they become the hallmark of your life, the core of your uniqueness. Refused, they can haunt your days and may undermine all your toiling. I cannot specify what the gift of soul to you will be at midlife. I can only suggest that when it is presented it be received…..Murray Stein

deepening our journey to the center of ourselves….

If we have been out in the dark, how comforting to see a lighted window; if we have been shut in, how refreshing when the light finds us. Windows teach us to be transparent, to allow the flow of light both in and out. How very challenging it is to be like a clear window, especially in difficult situations. We are asked not to force or to add anything extra to the events, to allow light to emerge, and to trust that it will. That kind of transparency requires letting go of our agenda. It requires a willingness, an unguarded presence. To be transparent as a window is to welcome the unknown, to allow the unexpected, and to find light in all that is familiar…….Gunilla Norris

12 thoughts on “soulful prayers for a new year of gratitude

  1. To open is to let the spirit soar. And when the spirit is lifted, life surely follows. My wishes to you for a life filled to the brim……… May your glass never be large enough. ~ Love, B

    • the sweetness of the soul journey does not require us to be ‘fixed’….what a beautiful thought to carry into the new year….this is truly a full glass, sparkly and fine…..thank you Bobbie….

  2. The window is not known for what it is, but for what it is not, a part of the wall, but a transparency. They say the eye is the window of the soul, then when I look out, or when I look in, what am I seeing – Eternity? What is this joy we know in this place, even pain is feeling, and feeling is known no where else in creation as in this here and now … yes, we will evolve, and perhaps not need to return, but return we will, for compassion, for the salvation of another world somewhere in the vastness of time !!! We end and we begin again, moments of reflection … Have a Happy, Healthy, and Blessed New Year – gfs

    • I love how you include our inter connection with each other as part of the cyclical nature of life….may those unexpected reflections keep finding you this year g.f.s……

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