2013 blessings for a transcendent new year

IMG_2276Transformation not only shifts how you view the world, but also how you relate to the world. In every situation, ask yourself, ‘Am I being an actor or a victim? Am I valuing or devaluing? Am I focused on me or on us?’ As humans, we are meaning-making creatures. We can create any meaning we want. Why not create a life-enhancing set of possibilities, rather than an endless refrain of victimization and suffering? Manifesting your transformation in the world is what makes it substantial. For many, transformative realizations are grounded through service to others. Offering service to others can be a rite that both expresses your intention to grow and transform, and anchors your realizations in everyday reality……Marilyn Mandala Schlitz

the spontaneity of gratitude is a gift in itself

Service is my practice. Service is one of the most powerful of the practices. As you watch someone being taken unaware by something like cancer, they go through a process of healing. It’s a process of evolution of the self towards wholeness. There are steps in the process, and people go through them in different ways. I believe the final step is service. People who are able to use and experience crisis, suffering, and loss in a way that evolves their unique being will, in the end, use that unique being in service to others, because service has become natural to them. The experience they’ve been through is, in some sense, the universal experience. Having been through it, they don’t hold themselves separate from the suffering of other people. They don’t protect themselves in the way that most people do. I think that a lot of people speak of the web of connection as an intellectual thing. That’s very different from knowing it in every cell of your body as the ground of being…..Rachel Naomi Remen

send out mercy and blessings……make every act meaningful…..bow to your own heart and promise it a renewed benevolence….consider carefully what is needed this year….may we contemplate change and ask, what is the real work of our life? remember wonderment as a virtue…..

The transformation process involves synchronicity, the numinous, and some coincidence or the unexplainable. It most often is signaled by an expansion and upliftment and a deep peace and grounding. It’s a fire that mobilizes you to do something outside of yourself. It’s something that wants to alleviate suffering or create more happiness in the world in some way. I think most of the transformational process, 80 percent of it, involves the unseen…..Angeles Arrien

14 thoughts on “2013 blessings for a transcendent new year

    • our compassion is indeed shared……thank you too…as Rachel says above, our experiences are quite universal…..the power of being able to hold one another is the gift of our humanity….may your new year touch a little serenity….

  1. Almost left speechless, yet I must find words to express my gratitude for your work in creating this blog – it reaches right into the soul of the matter of all of us in the moment. I am going to quote you today in my New Year yoga & meditation class. Love, Karen

    • wish I could be part of your sangha in my own practice today…..my prayers will be sent out to all of you…may you all feel deeply connected, rooted and blooming…

  2. The work that goes into creating these blogs is true service, it reaches the hearts and souls of many, and compels us to find meaning in our lives through service. I have heard there are two types of ‘forces’ in the universe STS and STO, service to self and service to others, the first re-enforces separateness and ultimately destruction, the later creates unity, and connects us back to source. Of course there needs to be balance between Yin and Yang. When we let go of fear, then balance comes naturally … Namaste, peace, joy and love in the New Year and always – gfs

    • we encourage each other to hold our fears gently….rooting each other in our inherent gifts……thank you g.f.s…your inspiration is a steady light…..new year’s gratitude & peace…..

  3. Happy New Year, Blue. In the end, though, maybe we must all give up holding on to the notion of our own ‘supreme’ value. In the end, maybe it’s wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voice. In the end, the love we give is our assurance of immortality – there lies our ‘divine’ worth. Let us all live beyond our lives! ~ Much ever, Bobbie

    • love that our ‘divine worth’ is transmitted in gratitude…..and surrender is our guide….beautifully etched for all of us….shine on Bobbie….

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