a postconventional understanding of soul encounter

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….How come we settle for something else? Alan Watts spoke and wrote about ‘the taboo against knowing who we are.’ Our materialist cultural paradigm does not support our spiritual awakening. In fact it ridicules it and pathologizes it. But the only thing that can stand up to and transform the dominant scientific paradigm, as well as the dogmas of organized religions, is direct spiritual experience. Spirituality is something that is experiential; it reflects our direct experience of normally hidden dimensions of reality. Through our personal experiences we discover our own divinity and the numinosity of the cosmos. For that we do not need a special place or appointed officials. Our body and nature become our temple….Stanislov Grof

the freedom of saying ‘no’ to the defiant ignorance that pervades our culture is the ultimate in the driving force of faith….to offset the pain of the disconcerted journey, we simply allow our bodies to be, to not judge the pearls of emptiness in our hearts to flow into disillusion….to allow the journey to be convoluted and confusing for others’ as well…….the paradox will show itself in the breadth of openness and love….

I believe that our failure to develop our potential is one of the most dangerous tendencies on the planet. Crime and war can be attributed to our failure to develop the potential of the vast majority of people. The main aim, shall we say, of all this work is to make it possible to develop your divine, God-given, universal potential. You’ve got no time to study war if you’re developing your potential. You’ll be too busy to get into that kind of trouble. Ultimately I feel that everything is spiritual. I don’t see a mind/body split or a body/spirit split. So much evil has occurred because we fail to see that……George Leonard

the practicalities of the soul encounter…

*Notice catalysts, windows of opportunity, and moments pregnant with transformative potential, large and small.

*Recognize what you can- and do- bring to the table.

*Discern what is right and true for you, based both on your subjective experience and your observations.

*Practice holding intention, cultivating attention, repeating life-enhancing actions, and seeking both internal and external guidance.

*Integrate your transformative practice into your life.

*Expand your practice and your transformation beyond the personal.

*Connect with the mystery, the sacred ground of all being.

*Live deeply, in every way you can.

……Cassandra Vieten

7 thoughts on “a postconventional understanding of soul encounter

  1. Jan 2 we dive back into the world … Let’s see how it goes, if soul or personality win out. I know it shouldn’t be a contest, yet the world draws us in … It is all Spirit all that is and ever shal be …

  2. How can we possibly comprehend the limitless possibilities of the universe, without first getting beyond the limits we set for ourselves? For many, there is comfort in the unknowing, for to know requires a period of mourning for the person that no longer exists (we can never unknow). Inspired as always, Blue. ~ B

    • oh, such tough & wise questions….breathe…..indeed, we can never unknow……knowing that unknowing is part of the process is such divine presence….may you glide into the new year Bobbie……

  3. great quote by George leonard, thanks for it! May I use it on a quote page on Clearskiesbluewater, with the proper credit to you, Blue? thanks again for the inspiration! SB

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