tiny prayers mirror tiny beauties in a magnanimous life


If you listen, not to the pages or preachers but to the smallest flower growing from a crack in your heart, you will hear a great song moving across a wide ocean whose water is the music connecting all the islands of the universe together, and touching all you will feel it touching you around you….embracing you with light. It is in that light that everything lives and will always be alive….John Squadra…..

this is the special fertile ground where prayer is born….remembering back over the course of a life to feel the little places where life is etched into the heart shows how the love of beauty can lift those prayers into untethered flight…..having an open heart is born of beauty transformed into the sacrament of passion….

Love is the fruit of beauty. When you see a beautiful tree, you fall in love- ah, beautiful flowers, the bluebells, the primroses! Beauty enters the heart and creates love. That is why in the world today we lack love, because there is less and less beauty in our everyday lives. Whenever you make something with love, you feel humbled. You could not make such beautiful things on your own. It must come through divine inspiration. In that way, beauty and humility go together. It is an act of surrender to the divine source. The divine inspiration uses your body, your hands, and your talents, as a channel for beauty, whether it is a Henry Moore sculpture or a painting by Van Gogh or some beautiful peasant house in rural Vermont. Or beautiful shoes made in Rajistan….Therefore beauty is a source of spiritual healing. For me, beauty is the essence of our being, the soul of our being…..Satis Kumar

where breath meets prayer….

I have come to know simple truths that before were disguised by my complexity. I have come to know the inner vision that sees with much clarity. I’ve come to know me, the gentleness of my spirit, as it may express itself through love and tenderness. I’ve come to know power in a way that’s personal and creative. My personal power of choice. I’ve come to know love; love of self and others is the same. I’ve come to know the oneness of all who walk the planet in an attempt to journey home……Greta Metcalf

4 thoughts on “tiny prayers mirror tiny beauties in a magnanimous life

  1. Beauty found in the grain of sand, the potential of the mustard seeds, and the breadth of the galaxy! So easy to forget, it seems we are almost compelled to forget, or at least accept a meaning of it that is contrived for sole purpose of marketing and thought control … Rather the true soul purpose of finding beauty in every step along the path … in Judy Collins’ song ‘Suzanne’ tells us “she shows you where to look amid the garbage and the flowers” and so you have today … The piano in Breathe is simply beautiful, amid all the sadness, the children dying, the soldiers tears, islands of debris in our oceans, the sun rises in its same glory on a new day, and we are reminded that we are just a moments sunlight fading in the grass … Blue – May you find beauty in your day …

    • It is a beautiful day here…..as ‘moments fading in the grass,’ coming back to those small moments of prayer and gratitude hold a stillness not found elsewhere. I love to talk about beauty to move it away from the sad commercialism of it….never has beauty been more needed….and I love the Leonard Cohen version of that song too….may beauty find the perfect words with you g.f.s….

  2. Prayer. Such a moment of all we are……an almost silent amen.

    Regardless of what the world gives us, that which we keep (which we honor) is enough – it is the fire in the darkness – the ever steady voice of understanding – the essence of grace. There are those who pray and those who PRAY from a deeper (sweeter) place – from an understanding that relationship with God and the universe is not managed by books and rules and religious creed, but by a personal (deeper) relationship that could never understand limits or perceive of something (anything) less than love.

    And in the stillness of gratitude, each ‘amen’ is but a sigh barely heard – but a mighty wind to the universe. I love this sweet precious reminder. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • This is truly beautiful. When one vows to do no harm, there is a shift in prayer. This deeper relationship as you describe so well is, I believe, our truest source, that ‘amen.’ I’m going to post your words on my desk, ‘And in the stillness of gratitude, each ‘amen’ is but a sigh barely heard- but a mighty wind to the universe.’ Many blessings Bobbie…

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