art as the anecdote to the overrated boxy life

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The great German author Thomas Mann wrote, ‘Art is the spirit in matter, the natural instinct toward humanization, that is, toward the spiritualization of life’….This instinct provides a bridge uniting the fine and the practical arts, the spiritual life with the art of creative living…This concept unites the work of Gandhi with the Japanese tea ceremony, the mission work of Albert Schweitzer with Mozart’s Magic Flute, Navaho sand painting with the great cathedrals of Europe, the work of Mother Teresa with that of Goethe, the poetry of the troubadours with the scriptures of India, the work of Albert Einstein with that of the anonymous but devoted local elementary school teacher. All of these are art because they spring from what Mann calls the natural instinct toward humanization…..Laurence Boldt

this vulnerability of being ourselves can be a sweet surprise…..a secret door just calling out….to do that thing that makes our arty self sing, regardless of how well we do it, is to witness beauty from the inside out…this is owning our souls….this is shedding the box we squeeze our lives into….no perfection allowed…

Yes, the highest things are beyond words. That is probably why all art aspires to the condition of wordlessness. When literature works on you, it does so in silence, in your dreams, in your wordless moments. Good words enter you and become moods, become the quiet fabric of your being. Like music, like painting, literature, poetry too, wants to transcend its primary condition and become something higher. Art wants to move into silence, into the emotional and spiritual conditions of the world. Statures become melodies, melodies become yearnings, yearnings become actions….Ben Okri

no need to be so logical and practical…try a little easy-going ‘being’….

I think the real artists are too busy just being

and growing and acting (on canvas or however)

like themselves to worry about the end.

The end will be what it will be.

The object is intense living, fulfillment;

the great happiness in creation.

…Robert Henri

5 thoughts on “art as the anecdote to the overrated boxy life

  1. There is a devotion in art that I rarely see elsewhere. I read once that the greatest minds of our time have been wasted on advertising. I have seen brilliant artists go that route. I must confess glamour has trapped me more times than I care to recall. Yet this is the human condition, and each day life offers us another opportunity for redemption, for creating light. Frank Lloyd Wright is a shining example of the true devotion. Human to a fault, yet ever devoted to his art …

    • making art is so strangely difficult… many things get in the way…..when I am in the studio unhindered for a small time, I feel triumphant….being driven is the only way….that calling to express is stronger….may we meander but not stray from the path g.f.s…..

  2. I love that still sweet voice of reason ~ no perfection allowed. I love to dance but am terrible at it. I have found my feet in words….it is there that I question never. 🙂 Love this, Blue. ~ B

    • your spirit would shine through in the dance though…poetically:) your questioning takes us all along…..offers us new inquiry….beautiful…..thanks for your art light Bobbie…

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