the spiritual hunger raging in a storm

1-Pics for Blog Edits22Authenticity and beauty includes brokenness and darkness and death. In moments of darkness and uncertainty, we encounter the depths of our desire that life go on. And, paradoxically, it opens us up to gratitude for this moment- our chance to breathe the air, feel our heart beating, look into the eyes of another being. In times like that, what’s trivial or tawdry gets stripped away. And the stark grandeur appears. A grandeur that reaches down into our hearts…..JoAnna Macy

the misery of our lives, like holding a fragile egg, can bring such stark beauty, such amazement…..when we hold it close, not too close, land it gently, rock it, & then maybe paint it……never underestimate the power of melancholia…..& a little inertia…..that brooding in the dark can root the soul deeper…..nesting an egg…..

I almost envy them, sometimes, the happy ones. I’m sure they don’t envy me. They say, ‘You’re always grief-stricken, always worrying, always trying to understand, always trying to bring to consciousness….’as if that were a dirty word. Some just keep asking, Why? Without the divine, the imagination, the grief, the struggle, life is two-dimensional. One foot drags after the other, without meaning. I lived like that once. I couldn’t go on…Marion Woodman

that slight shift between overwhelming dark into light….

Your life will have a kind of perfection, although you will not be a saint. The perfection will consist in this: you will be very weak and you will make many mistakes; you will be awkward, for you will be poor in spirit and hunger and thirst for justice. You will not be perfect, but you will love. This is the gate and the way. There is nothing greater than love. There is nothing more true than love, nothing more real. So let us hand our lives over to love and seal the bond of love……….Eberhard Arnold

where does the mystic live if not in the underbelly? reaching deep for mercy for one’s own pain makes space for love….grief & longing & surrender & despair…….blessed are we….tapping into angels and the devils of loneliness…..calm grace finds us….

Let us keep this truth before us. You say you have no faith? Love- and faith will come. You say you are sad? Love- and joy will come. You say you are alone? Love- and you will break out of your solitude. You say you are in hell? Love- and you will find yourself in heaven. Heaven is love…..Carlo Carretto

11 thoughts on “the spiritual hunger raging in a storm

  1. The mystic sees light through an eye of wonder, and often what appears is a great contradiction, until, by an act of will he or she reaches through the cloud of unknowing and touches the signpost on the heart called Love. The brain, being dual always presents contradiction, which externalizes as a seeming sadness, when the path of the heart is found, it’s non-dual, magical (for lack of a better word) power, that electro-motive force, driven by the will of the entire universe, we call Love, shines a light on all things showing us their unmistakable innocence and beauty, no matter how vehemently they try to deny it … Love & Light for your day …

    • Have I ever told you that I stop by your comments here almost the same time I spend in reading the post itself!
      You’ve the Eagle Eye & Ms. Susane’s the Spring Spirit.

      Love & Light to both of you

      • We seem to have built a rhythm I thoroughly enjoy her insights as that give me pause to search the depths of what I have learned over the years – it is a joy to add a little light to the world 😉 Always – gfs

    • answers aren’t needed in the heart… all just is and ‘magical’ as you say…..never is our duality so present as in trying to connect to heart space by using the mind…..may we see by the gentle light of the mystic moon rather than the harsh noon day sun full of reprimands…you really delved deep here g.f.s….fierce and soulful truthbearing…..

  2. It is the little events, the scraping of ordinary things, smashed and reconstituted – they are the proof of divine life. To feel more than most; to sense beyond logic. That is where heart meets soul, and truth much more than something we can explain. In our glorious falling, we become the bleached bones of a story. Beautiful as always. ~ Love, B

    • wow…you really touched a beautiful chord with me here…..’the bleached bones of a story’……so many times I feel strangled without the ‘right’ words to describe exactly that….the raw, stark new england storms call to mind the fury and the meditation in that heart/soul space…..and yet, sometimes it’s green and lush and sometimes it’s white sand…..such is the changeling nature of essence…..indeed, ‘the scraping of ordinary things’…..thank you for sharing your heart space Bobbie…it truly resonates……

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