show up for grace & collect surprises along the way

3-Pics for Blog Edits21Beauty happens unexpectedly, but it comes out of a practice of attention and humility. And beauty is always a surprise. You can’t go expecting beauty. It comes from tilling those fields. It comes from practicing that practice, staying in the place. Because it is a deep thing. It comes out of a tilth. It comes out of a depth. It comes out of remembering something far away in the past about a dog. It is unexpected and coiled up in us. And those little connections that the artist offers can sometimes invite beauty into the world because they are part of that practice. They are part of making those little nexus points. Beauty is surprise that is latent in the world. It takes imagination to catalyze it, but it is not something that we can control or demand. It invites us. That is why those little Japanese Raku pots are really beautiful. Great skill, great learning, and tradition, and then the artist hopes and prays for the accident that will make it beautiful. How do you attend the calling without getting in the way? God blowing through your horn. It sounds a certain way, but you don’t want to focus on the horn, you want to focus on the tune. A lot of artists, myself included, have a tendency to polish the horn rather than play the tune. My work goes in and out of connection to the degree that I manipulate it. Rather than attend it. For me, beauty is something in and of itself……Tom Jay

this struggle to return again and again to one’s potential that may seem like no potential at all is a reminder that it’s supposed to be this way… is part of our unraveling…unhusking the tough outer shell to reveal the many shades of us still undefined…..there’s nothing surprising about discomfort, but the surprise comes when the discomfort offers little gifts of inspiration one colorful bow at a time….

Until I get wherever it is I am going, I want to nurture those corners of my psyche and soul that are peaceful and beautiful. I want my work to arise out of those places. I want my life to flow out of those places. It is surprisingly difficult to do that. It requires a confrontation with myself, a discipline over myself. When I sit down to paint, a thousand distractions beckon- unreturned phone calls, unpaid bills, unreconciled bank statements, dirty dishes, etc. However satisfying it is to complete a painting that comes out of that place of peace and beauty, that expresses my feelings about wild places and wild things, disappointment and discouragement are the more common outcome. In a strange way, it is more comfortable to do our bookkeeping. The process of making art is a process of confronting oneself, one’s lack of talent, one’s lack of confidence. It is what Robert Henri called ‘the magnificent struggle’ in his excellent book ‘The Art Spirit.’ In some ways it is like meditation. Art involves a confrontation with oneself that can be surprisingly uncomfortable……Roderick MacIver

following the intuitive, wild, tender imagination…..

To surrender control. To let go of all what we suppose creativity should be and to embrace what arises from within is a gift. But it is not the whole journey. What does it mean to offer what you have to the world? I used to feel that writing was not a service, but rather a selfish act. ‘I should be feeding the hungry or saving forests. Instead I am sitting here at my computer typing letters that blink on a screen.’ It was during a writing workshop led by Martin Prechtel that this belief dissolved. Martin told us that a creation of beauty made with love is an offering, a prayer that, in essence, helps create a balance in this world and the next. This shift in perception is what tipped me forward into a full embrace of living a creative life. Every creative act- a kiss, a garden, a letter, a loaf of bread- can be an offering in exchange for the gift of life and an act of love that has the power to shift the balance in a positive direction….Ann O’Shaughnessy

8 thoughts on “show up for grace & collect surprises along the way

  1. Art is power, a wielding of strength that comes not from the physical but from Spirit, through the soul, into the physical. In just those few words is the quandary every artist, every would be creator must overcome to bring beauty into the 3D world. It is like the twitch when falling assleep that brings us right back to consciousness, that sound of our own horn playing its mighty note, when realized in consciousness, goes flat. We call it “in the flow” or “in the zone” for a reason. Children seem best at it, yet adults call it fantasy, or make believe …

    • I believe that our finest moments come from our deepest connection to the divine, higher self, the great mystery, or whatever our source of wisdom comes from….it is this that indeed is a quandary…..we can’t make it happen….only invite and provide a few ripe conditions…..may we keep trusting the source g.f.s….

  2. What a great post, Blue! All the excerpts are so spot-on…. my favorite is the Tom Jay though…
    “Beauty is surprise that is latent in the world.” It invites us… thanks for these today, may I reblog a bit of it with credit back to you of course? blessings, SB

  3. It is present in the presence ~ beauty that fails to comprehend its own. It’s the slant of a misplaced letter (the margin filled with scribbles, mark throughs and arrows to another page), the way that receipts tumble from an open wallet, a rebel curl across a sweaty brow, a second toe longer than the first, and a humming under our breath (surely it is the song trying to get out). Our greatest beauty is in the details no one dares to recall. But the poet, the writer, the dreamer, the lover ~ they see and they hear the eternity that is silence between the sighs. I’ve heard many say that God never created anything ugly, and I am convinced that’s true. Perhaps the only thing that comes close is the soul that dares not look long enough at a tear to see a rainbow. As always (as you can see), your words explore the truth of the wilderness heart. ~ Love to you, Blue. ~ Bobbie

    • this reminder toward awareness is a gift of the serendipitous seeking that comes upon us…..cradling the joy and sorrow; one and the same in beauty’s eyes…..such a lovely host of honors you have gifted to the sublime shades of presence….with gratitude and a sweet sigh….

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