soul mapping in the void of superficial truth


When we are in touch with true abundance, it permeates the fabric of our lives. Abundance invites us to live the life we desire instead of settling for less. In order to tap into our creativity and enjoy a sense of abundance, we need to make certain choices that may require sacrifices. Creative freedom is the backbone of prosperity for me. Indeed, a life of positive priorities- life choices that express who we are and what we want for ourselves- is in itself a creative act. To be fully creative, you must notice what fuels your creative energy and what drains it, and map your life accordingly. Stress is a creativity killer. The secret to living in abundance is learning the art of making positive life choices. True positive priority living means productively resolving the problems in your life and activating life choices such as living where you want, doing work you love, surrounding yourself with mutually fulfilling relationships, and taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. Your selection of priorities is the foundation for your life path and your creative expression, invented by you, reflective of your uniqueness…….Gail McMeekin

only we can find our calm, the places we left behind, and the truth of our lives….true disappointment lies in denial of our haunted nights…..question everything….receive gently…..listen fiercely……streamline relentlessly…..settle in the groove of an amazing life…

In January, we can begin to address what Reverend Alan Jones at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco calls the four concerns of life: love, death, power, and time. Each can be seen in the light of new beginnings and of soulmaking- daily attention to those things that have heart and meaning for us, and the courage to follow where they lead. Love speaks to our desire for union; death raises questions about our destiny and letting go; power challenges us with issues of vulnerability; and time forces us to see our lives in terms of a play, a drama, or a story. David Cooperrider asserts, ‘the creation of positive images on a collective basis…..might well be the most prolific activity that individuals and organizations can engage in if their aim is to help bring to fruition a positive and humanly significant future.’ As we move through January- looking behind us and investigating our memories, looking before us and conjuring dreams of the future- it is important to welcome, with gratitude, the unexpected. As Jung wrote, ‘there is in the psyche, a process that seeks its own goal, no matter what the external factors may be.’ This is the soul’s persistent way of manifesting what is true for us in the four areas of love, death, power, and time, and it often does so in surprising ways. The psyche will send us persistent messages to let us know what our real work is, and often these messages come through surprising events that get our attention and help us realize that our ego’s perceived agenda is not aligned with the psyche of our own integrity…..Angeles Arrien

lessening our fears in this one beautiful life….

A clothespin rests in our hands.

We know there are many more in the basket.

Could we stick to just one issue at a time?

When we have taken the time to face

and understand an issue we are dealing with,

we have begun to be free.

We have a real chance then

to take up the task of resolution

with a willing attitude.

This willingness is a way

to not suffer our suffering, but to allow

two opposites to be held near one another

without diminishment of either.

We need rest-

and yet we must continue what we are doing.

We are confused-

and yet we must act with clarity.

We are deeply committed to something-

and yet we long to act as if

we were without constraint.

It is good to write a conflict down,

as a dynamic, positive question,

and as a chosen prayer.

The clothespin will hold the piece of paper.

Placed where we can see our words often,

we will be encouraged to trust the tension

and so to live into a God-given answer.

….Gunilla Norris

8 thoughts on “soul mapping in the void of superficial truth

  1. Stress certainly stifles creativity, like a condenser storing up an electrical charge … How much before a dialectic breakdown and flashover into chaos? What do we learn from time, that love, death, power live within it, and not one of them is mutually exclusive of the other. The signposts are everywhere but we confuse measurement, mile-markers with direction. We think that as long as we are on the road our course is true … Wher then lies the road less traveled? The one we passed a mile ago …

    • ahh, the road less traveled….the one we’re meant to be on….our true self….our ‘sat nam’….great analogy, confusing mile-markers with direction….we know it in our bones don’t we? if we’re living our true life…….continuing our questioning is a beautiful and circuitous route of willingness……ode to the twists & turns g.f.s…..

  2. thank you, again. i have been stopping by on and off for a while now and am Amazed how these offerings magically touch an undercurrent to my individual journey. thank you, specifically, for channeling and collecting and sharing. from one heart to another,

  3. But you know (as I know) the unbelievable measure of magic that somehow squeezes into the space between minutes, into the silence between words.

    Sometimes, I lie awake at night and listen ~ wondering to every sound ~ what living is happening while I’m trying to decide whether my feet are hot or cold. Across the way, I hear the whine of the night train. Somewhere else, squirrels chatter in the trees. A litter of puppies is born. A web is formed as a blind moth navigates the shadows.

    Somewhere, a lover turns, breath ends, and hands brush against hands. Rain falls and fields are blessed, while miles away, a man weeps for strength he has not. A little league team wins, as orchids (long awaited) burst into delicate life. Dreams are real, and reality, a sweet amazing moment ~ small enough to pass unnoticed and yet large enough to hold everything. We are but an echo carried by the wind, and yet one that can never not be heard. Such a wonderful amazing thing we know – life! Immortal life. ~ Beautiful, Blue. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • this is a spectacular diatribe to dream life….hushed and rendering our fierce will into a lullaby…or maybe a painting of a still life that suddenly moves with light….or maybe a cool walk under moon light finds you waking curled up in a bed of moss…..thank you for these words that are much more than words….shine on…

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