the sacred intention of our sensual world

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The beauty of the divine mind dreamed a creation that can never be lonesome simply because it is always in conversation with itself. Eros is this divine force. It infuses all the earth. Yet, too often, in our culture Eros is equated with lust and sexual greed. But it is a much more profound and sacred force than this. Eros is the light of wisdom that awakens and guides the sensuous. It is the energy that planet for Eros is the soul of the earth. In the embrace of Eros the earth becomes a terra illuminata. This is the nerve source of all attraction, creativity and procreation. Eros is the mother of life, the force that has brought us here. It constantly kindles in us the flame of beauty and the desire for the Beautiful as a path towards growth and transformation. The call of Eros is at the heart of the human person. Although each of us is fashioned in careful incompletion, we were created to long for each other. Eros can be a hugely complex force that sometimes inclines towards gravity and darkness. Eros can pull life towards the edges and depths where death lurks. From ancient times a kinship has been acknowledged between Eros And Thanatos, the death instinct. Surfing the tides of Eros one comes to feel that the life-force of joy could surge through all limitations, even death; or indeed there is such a homecoming in Eros when one succumbs to its force and abandons self in the sweet dying of complete release…..John O’Donohue

landing in our bodies calls us to inhabit this life fully….

The best lover ever was a Czechoslovakian, macrobiotic cardiac surgeon who carried viburnum flowers in from the garden to lay them on my belly before pressing them flat and fragrant with his own.

Reaching above the bed for the stethoscope that hung there, he laid the cool, flat membrane against my neck, below the ridge of my clavicle, along the margins of my breast, listening to all the chambers, portals, and vessels of my heart.

(ah, the pleasure of lying naked before a man who undresses you further still.)

The good doctor, at the the end of his exploration, pronounced with a certainty that resonates still:

‘you haf a gud heart.’

Now, the wise among you already know the end of this story.

The Czechoslovakian, macrobiotic cardiac surgeon, the best lover ever, followed his books back to the homeland to listen to other hearts, bear a few children, have a dog named Bonnie.

Perhaps you know I married a man far less kind, who took that same heart and pried it open with the crowbar of his own great disappointment.

Can you tell me, does it matter to the heart who opens it?

Does it mater to the heart whether it is cleaved with force or tenderness?

And is the light any less pleased, any less persistent as it streams through the fissures, finally illuminating the interior?

….Lillian Ralph Jackman

going down deep into our raw presence is the root connection to nature and each other….the basis for our unique awestruck view into the majestic reality…..where each of our five senses hums into our intuitive awareness leading us away from the deadness of our lives and back into the immediate and visceral skin essence….relax into divine knowing….our brokenness is healed again and again through love….

Eros is the principle most devalued in the Western worldview. It is the principle that values the interconnectedness of all life; an ethos that celebrates connection through the pleasure of touch, the sharing of food, the nurturing of relationships, the protection of life. Jung associated Eros with the feminine and the mother. He associated Logos with the masculine and the father. He describes Eros as ‘earthy relatedness to all people, creatures, and things. This relatedness is spontaneous, personal, feeling and instinctive.’ Jung knew that the masculine and the feminine desperately need each other; when they cooperate, they show their best faces. When Logos is unbalanced or unconscious, it ‘produces an unrelated kill-joy personality, one-upmanship, competitiveness and desire to have power over others.’ When Eros is unbalanced or unconscious, ‘it produces foggy thinking, co-dependency, lack of self-identity, and vague ego boundaries, as well as extreme passivity in the face of life’s challenges.’ When the Eros principle is devalued in a person or a culture, it goes underground; it grows sleepy, cranky, dull, or sick. Eugene Pascal, and others in this field, believe that at the root of many of our social and environmental ills is the Logos-centered Western worldview that insinuates ‘Father, sky, spirit, Logos’ is good and that ‘Mother, earth, flesh, Eros is bad.’ Often, the only way that an individual’s Eros principle can awaken in a culture that has pushed it underground is through a crisis in an area of life where the Eros principle has most been denied. Awakening Eros may take the form of physical illness, relationship problems, or the acute feeling that one must make a big change, coupled with the equally acute inability to make a move. Jungians call this ‘the descent process.’……Elizabeth Lesser

6 thoughts on “the sacred intention of our sensual world

  1. While not quiet a palindrome Eros comes very close to Rose … Eros and Logos – there is that duality again, it seems inescapable – or rather is it a lesson we all need to learn …? One does not exist without the other, the heart beats inside where the logos searches for the truth of her oneness, and Eros receives his passion, be it pleasure or pain; simply to know the other side of life. To the heart, as with the elementals, the type of feeling – pain or pleasure – does not matter, what matters is feeling … Tragically we have decided one is better than the other, we choose a set of consequences, yet in the end the truth is the same – yes a poem is in order, voices are calling …

    • tapping into this truth helps us to dive more deeply into the beauty around us… notice one another in a new light….somehow that perfect dichotomy, Eros & Rose says more than our duality-driven minds…..well done g.f.s…..
      as your lovely poem expresses this…..
      as airs of emotion
      flow through the heart
      to wander in memory
      of pleasure and pain

  2. Love this, blue. Love changes the world ~ our perception of it and its of us. Once we understand the truth of love (universal truth and universal love), we are at last free. It’s a great freedom to give up on love, and get on with everything else. Funny how when we do that, we find love has made a bed on our porch. 😉 Love, love, love………….nothing more (nothing less). ~ B

    • such a deep truth here in how love equates freedom……it loosens the ego’s hold on our fixations and hurts…..’we find love has made a bed on our porch’…..beautifully painted……curled up like pups…….love to you Bobbie….

  3. What a powerful story from Lillian jackman…. you are definitely hitting bedrock these days with your posts, Blue. I bow to your ability to find such gems and post them here on your lovely blog. Thank you. Leigh

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