making sense of the root of change


To take hold, transformations must be reinforced. Even when a transformative experience is deeply profound, new realizations can be fragile. As Reverend Lauren Artress told us, ‘Transformation disappears if you don’t honor it.’ Changes in your worldview can happen in an instant, but mastery of new kinds of thought or behavior often requires the cultivation of new ways of being. It’s an interesting paradox that even though transformation is a natural process- one that you primarily need to recognize and surrender to – it also requires making the choice, each moment of each day, to be in greater alignment with who you are at your core. Intention is a choice you make about where to place your awareness. Transformation rests in part upon your commitment to listening for that something that calls you to stay with the process, that something that calls you to keep chipping away to reveal the beautiful form that is you….Marilyn Mandala Schlitz

the heart is tuned through our waves of experience…..can we continually engage with a deep listening, diving into an essence without rehearsing, yet staying visible to the heart’s longing? where is this deeper reality and what heals us?

Many people from my generation who’ve become interested in the possibility of enlightenment, or the experience of higher states of consciousness, have grown up in a secular context. The world we are living in is very, very different from the world in which the great spiritual traditions emerged thousands of years ago, and naturally we have outgrown many of the moral, ethical, and philosophical precepts of those traditions. But the problem is, we have found little to replace them. And therefore, when we discovered the higher states we were looking for, a lot of these experiences occurred in an inner context of profound narcissism. This narcissism is unmediated by any strong moral, ethical, philosophical context that would help put our spiritual experiences in a much bigger perspective, a perspective that would give them real evolutionary power, drive, and force. Unfortunately we have all kind of gotten stuck in this way, because we have lost the big context……Andrew Cohen

may gentle metaphors plant seeds of light….

I love the movie ‘The Matrix.’ You can take the red pill or the blue pill. You have this choice. But when you choose, you choose it forever. People find some way to start to awaken to some higher consciousness. There is that moment of starting to wake up and start questioning anything, looking at some bigger picture. The ability to take in other viewpoints allows people to appreciate and have compassion for the differences. Every person who wakes up benefits, like the hundredth monkey effect. My belief is there’s some tipping point, and as much as it wanders, it is tipping towards a more enlightened, more aware world. To me the compelling thing is that somehow people engage with the tools. It doesn’t matter if it’s Avatar, or another practice, they go back out into the world more tolerant of divergent viewpoints and more able to integrate belief systems. They can contribute in some way to making this world a saner, more peaceful place. Harry Palmer, the innovator of Avatar, said, ‘Love is the willingness to create the space in which something is allowed to change.’…..Sue Miller

8 thoughts on “making sense of the root of change

  1. I have heard several lectures by Dr David Hawkins, and he draws the same conclusion as Andrew Cohen, that we have outgrown the foundations of our secular religions, and developed a deep seated narcissism that creates a wall between us and truth vs falsehood, which prevents us from direct knowledge of the two, and so we are manipulated, and mislead much the way The Matrix portrays. I have to agree with the teachers you site here and many others that we find the answer through the heart, and not through the mind. We have taken up belief in science as the new religion to replace those old ways, but in science if it cannot be measured it does not exist, therefor we discount Spirit, and its focal point – the heart – in favor of the mind focused through our brain’s dual hemispheres – to quote another writer you ma know –
    “When I have seen by times fell had defaced
    The rich proud cost of outworn buried age …

    • we are so afraid to love, forgetting that the real hurt settles in an empty heart…..imagine the effect of a poem (a sonnet) written my Einstein? what a powerful beauty that would have been…..our duality only serves without fear…..your inner Shakespeare wrestles well with this duality g.f.s…..

  2. Change through the heart and not the mind. I will be keeping this thought close by and see where it takes me.

    • ahhh, and a subtle shift it is……one of intuitive ‘allowing’…..may joy lead the way Elisa……your fun spirit will light up any path……blessings….

  3. Extraordinary………….our true failure is not in loving (or losing, although I’d argue we never lose love). Our failure is in the fear to allow it to wash over us and through us. Our failure (perhaps) is defining ourselves without it. ~ Love ever, Bobbie

    • ahhh, now that is a deep sadness… no deep mystical states or enlightenment here….just the rain, the wondering & wandering, and the passion for finding light……keep unearthing the extraordinary Bobbie….

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