little secrets infuse our being-ness


Within the confines of a finite, personal life, the soul is a link to the invisible world of essential qualities and perceptions that endow human existence with a sense of meaning and purpose. To be soulful is to be filled with deep feeling; to be soulless is to be hard and callous. To be inspired is to be connected to Spirit; to be dispirited, depressed or anxious is to be out of touch with soul. Identifying with soul awakens spiritual vision and opens the way to awareness of the infinite and eternal Spirit. This awareness provides a wider perspective that helps us differentiate truth from illusion on the spiritual path. A person identified with soul rather than ego tends to become increasingly inner directed. This does not imply morbid introspection or being unresponsive to the needs of others. It does mean recognizing the essential freedom of the soul can lead to acknowledging the presence of the sacred in the innermost depths of the psyche and to seeing its clear reflection everywhere……Frances Vaughan

if there is a pure white that we can compare the moon, the snow, the truth, and the soul, then maybe we can dive into healing from which the rest of our life is drawn……may the grace of self-vigilance seize our souls, deliver them in beauty……

The soul is the final locus of our individuality. Situated as it were behind the senses, it sees through the eyes without being seen, hears with the ears without itself being heard. Similarly it lies deeper than mind. If we equate mind with the stream of consciousness, the soul is the source of this stream; it is also its witness while never itself appearing within the stream as datum to be observed. We know it indirectly, by its effects. The way it supplies us with life is completely invisible, as is the way it directs the trajectory of our ontogenetic development…..Huston Smith

then, in the midst of time, we hear the heart beating into soul….

I was born here, and

I belong here, and

I will never leave.

The blue heron’s

gray smoke will flow over me

for years

and the wind will decide

all directions

until I am safely and entirely

something else.

I am thinking of this

this winter morning

as I sit by the fire

and the fire in its red rack

keeps singing

its crackling song

of transformation.

Of course

I wonder about

the mystery

that is surely up there

in starry space

and how some part of me

will go there at last.

But I am talking now

of the way the body speaks,

and the wind, that keeps saying,

firmly, lovingly:

a little while and then this body

will be stone; then

it will be water; then

it will be air.

….Mary Oliver

4 thoughts on “little secrets infuse our being-ness

  1. Body and soul, we are perplexed at the reference to the two of them, yet science cannot, will not, try to explain their interrelationship. Or if it did, would attempt to conjure some absurd duality like the wave / particle theory of light, or bury it in some obscure mathematics and call it Quantum Consciousness. Perhaps the realize they should leave the soul to the religionists, for it is a proof beyond the capacities of their tools and their math. It truly is the soul which made us and keeps us, guided by a silent voice we only hear in those moments when we are as you say – in-spirit. Truly, life is art, we all have our Mona Lisa, and our Pieta, our divine creation through which we come to learn, to know ourselves … Eternity looking at itself in the mirror …

    • isn’t it a fine aspect of humanness that we can contemplate this ethereal realm…..can know it and attempt to commune with it through eons of poetry and art….this soul self intuits our wonderings……nothing really obscure about light and love…..only when we try to measure it, pin it down, quantify it……may the moon stay sweetly luminescent in the starry sky……thanks for mirroring that eternity in that poetic way g.f.s…..

    • She has a way of bridging the gap between us and nature… fluid…makes that end of life transition seem so ‘natural’…..glad it resonates……sending peaceful blessings your way Eileen…..

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