finding a way to let go without falling


Letting go does not mean losing the knowledge we have gained from the past. The knowledge of the past stays with us. To let go is simply to release any images and emotions, grudges and fears, clingings and disappointments that bind our spirit. Like emptying a cup, letting go leaves us free to receive, refreshed, sensitive, and awake. We know how to do this. Ajahn Chah said, ‘Let go and rest in the unconditioned, in pure awareness, the One Who Knows.’ Paradoxically, letting go is both the goal and the path. Grace and generosity grow as we let go of the struggles of life. The Buddha describes the ease that comes as we let go: ‘As a bee takes the essence of a flower and pollen without destroying its beauty or perfume, so the wise wander freely in this life, carrying only blessings.’ As we let go and still see others suffer, the heart fills with compassion. We awaken to a poignancy and tenderness beyond our own personal injuries. When we let go of being the one who suffers, we are free to bring blessings wherever we go……Jack Kornfield

permanent joy kisses inner turmoil….

Your only way out is the witness. Just keep letting go by being aware that you are aware. If you pass through a period of darkness or depression, just ask, ‘Who is aware of the darkness?’ That’s how you pass through the different stages of your inner growth. You just keep letting go, and remain aware that you are still there. When you’ve let go of the dark psyche, and you’ve let go of the light psyche, and you’re no longer clinging to anything, you will reach a point where it will all open up behind you. You are now becoming aware of a universe behind your seat of consciousness. If you’re willing to let go, you’ll fall back and it will open into an ocean of energy. You will become filled with light. You will become filled with a light that has no darkness, with a peace that passeth all understanding……Michael Singer

what forces of creation are with us, and what forces stand in our way?…..our false self is really our sweet little self asking, forever asking, why?…….we build our world on defenses and forget there is no need to win….we don’t have to need what everyone else seems to need…..we can heed the call to dive down to lift up….to let go to find the heart… live in the dark forest, seeking, forever seeking, magical realms……

There is a widespread refusal to let children know that the source of much that goes wrong in life is due to our very own natures- the propensity of all men for acting aggressively, asocially, selfishly, out of anger and anxiety. Instead, we want our children to believe that, inherently, all men are good. But children know that they are not always good; and often, even when they are, they would prefer not to be. This contradicts what they are told by their parents, and therefore makes the child a monster in his own eyes. The message of the fairy tale gets across to the child in manifold form that a struggle against severe difficulties in life is unavoidable, is an intrinsic part of human existence- but that if one does not shy away, but steadfastly meets unexpected and often unjust hardships, one masters all obstacles and at the end emerges victorious. It is important to provide the modern child with images of heroes who have to go out into the world all by themselves and who, although originally ignorant of the ultimate things, find secure places in the world by following their right way with deep inner confidence…….Bruno Bettelheim

4 thoughts on “finding a way to let go without falling

  1. And they all lived happily ever after … I remember wanting to find pixie dust, so I could think wonderful thoughts and fly, which I soon let go of, but maybe it was Peter Pan who awakened that longing in me to know the secrets of magic. I rarely if ever saw a happily ever after, so I wonder now if I learned to believe in lies. I do know at some point adults taught me that lies were as common as truth, and it was important not to set myself up for disappointment by believing them. I think a reason we see so many spoiled children today is because a whole generation grew up that way, and decided to overcompensate! Perhaps comic books gave us the heroes we needed – Green Lantern, and Flash became my aspirations of sorts … “in brightest day, or darkest night, no evil shall escape me sight …”

    • no rosy childhood here either, and I have a very keen fascination with all things imaginative…..I think of it as a gift……my very own sanctuary of magic…..and along with all things winged, I loved the power women, Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman…..we made our own way it seems……grateful for all of the poetry early on too……keep writing poetry ‘tales’ g.f.s…..

    • indeed, letting go is not easy……it’s easy to feel squeamish with all of this ‘trying’….funny how that irony so hard to see……wishing you a little ease my friend…….

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