the estrangement of beauteous truth

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A beautiful thing,

though simple in its immediate presence,

always gives us a sense of depth below depth,

almost an innocent wild vertigo

as one falls through its levels.

…..Frederick Turner

the moon’s beauty calls us to remember ours….

Graciousness is a quality of mind that does not separate truth and beauty. Talk of truth always makes it sound as if truth were the cardinal virtue. Yet without beauty, truth becomes blind and can be turned into a blunt and heartless imperative. When we hold beauty and truth together, truth will always have a sense of compassion and gentleness. Only in the light of beauty can we come to see what is really present. When we succeed in being gracious and gentle with ourselves and others, we begin to truly inherit the inner kingdom. We can often forage for years in the empty fields of self-analysis and self-improvement and sacrifice much of our real substance for specks of cold, lonesome factual truth. The wisdom of the tradition reminds us that if we choose to journey on the path of truth, it then becomes a sacred duty to walk hand in hand with beauty……John O’Donohue

being carefully honed in presence is at the core of all that is beautiful…..these rhythms of quiet depth find immaculate truth in the shifting, pale and indescribable light of the darkest night….this is the palpable pulse of beauty’s possibilities…..

Part of what it means to be, is to be beautiful.

Beauty is not superadded to things:

it is one of the springs of their reality.

It is not that which effects

a luscious response in perceivers;

it is the interior geometry of things,

making them perceptible as forms.

……Francesca Aran Murphy

4 thoughts on “the estrangement of beauteous truth

  1. As I learn more of sacred geometry, and then look out at the human creations, there, even among the abandoned service stations, and railroads, I begin to see the nature of beauty, and the truth of connectedness in all things … Sending prayers of tranquility for your Sunday…

    • what a way to really understand that even our man-made mess is part of truth in beauty…..I’ve always struggled with that… bias as a ‘nature lover’ has actually deterred me from ‘seeing’….but as of this moment, the light of ‘my’ calm ocean on this serene Sunday morning brings truth and beauty closer for introspection…..prayers to you as well g.f.s…..

  2. Like you, nature is my bias, Blue, for always, it is true.

    However, as I age, I’ve found that almost everything has beauty, and at the core, only a desire to see us respond with beauty, courage and compassion. I am convinced that everything that frightens us, at its core is something just as frightened and helpless – something that only wants to be loved.

    Surely, that’s the least we can do. Look at something long enough to see the beauty the world looked over. Beautiful reminder of the universal beauty we enjoy and the private intimate personal beauty we embrace (and reflect). ~ Love, Bobbie

    • This reminds me of the basis of ‘rain,’ a buddhist concept of how to deal with our life through allowing and really looking at our feelings…..accomplishing exactly what you understand….that everything is interconnected and all is love under the suffering…..your poetic words are steeped in this graciousness Bobbie…

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