what kind of life lightens the heart?


We make a space inside ourselves,

so that being can speak.

….Martin Heidegger

a vision of humanness……

I invite you to listen to the part of you that life is trying to wake. As a soul on Earth, all we can hope for is to feel the light and being of all time course through our veins while we blossom. This is the closest we come to living forever. And after almost dying of cancer, after birthing and dying to many selves, after losing many and finding many more, after feeling grateful for love wherever it might appear, I can bear witness that this deep listening at our edge is enough. I wish this for you though I can’t tell you how to find it. At times, I’m not sure I can find it myself. We can only steer each other to our own inborn gift. For it’s the gift waiting inside all our trouble that knows the way…….Mark Nepo

we are created by the choices we make……where is the heartbreak? where is the silence deafening? where is life so beautiful, it hurts?……the growing of our souls comes through understanding unconscious despair……interweaving an opening over the layers of cultural conditioning….shedding into lightness and joy……

The authentic self is not incompatible with authentic spirituality; just the reverse, as they flow naturally out of each other. This was not previously possible because, up until this point, humanity did not have essential psychological knowledge of the self. Traditional religion has historically sought to excise the self, to cut free of earth to gain heaven. What depth psychology shows us is that the biggest block to opening the inner heart is a closed outer heart. Psychology is invaluable for opening the outer heart but is lost when it tries to penetrate farther. Spiritual strategies work for unveiling the inner heart but are not notable effective at opening the outer heart. What is needed is to align the authentic self with the true soul- then a harmonization of our inner and outer being will take place. Opening to this light is necessarily progressive, taking time and focus, but one thing is necessary- aspiration- aspiration for a deeper living, aspiration for Spirit. Aspiration is the upward flame that carries us toward our source and brings out the full force of our heart’s deepest desire……..Brant Cortright

4 thoughts on “what kind of life lightens the heart?

  1. Like the teacup that the Zen Master fills to overflowing as an example to his student that in order to be filled first we must become empty, creating a space in our lives for heart and soul to join together within, is vital to our union with God, to knowing our connection to all things. We people have it backwards, we make separateness easy, build our houses, box ourselves into cars, obsess over avoiding contact because disease is communicable … Look at the root of that word – community! Separateness is not natural, only perceived. Each time we create that little space, love will fill it in a little more … May your teacup have be filled with light today …

    • So true! We have it backwards…..we unveil our individual truth with our inter-beingness….spaciousness is really about opening the heart to let love in….indeed, the empty teacup filled to overflowing……my teacup is light and ocean today….the true paradox embodied…..you create space in your words g.f.s….

  2. Who among us would ever want a life untouched by sorrow, or loss, or grief? For those very same threads are tied to our laughter, our blessings, our bliss. The cost for love is to ache, but oh, what a sweet cost it is. Let the rivers that are living spill from our eyes and wash us on sheets of laughter toward eternity. Love is where we live, long after we are gone. May your day be perfect in imperfect ways…….. ~ Much love, Bobbie

    • so much is determined by how well we listen to this love…..we bow our heads to whatever makes us tremble……then we know we are living in this love….may you be in the tender spots today Bobbie…..

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