soul encounters stirring in the equinox


‘The wind blows wherever it pleases; you hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. That is how it is with all who are born of the Spirit.’

….John 3: 8-9

To dwell in new spirit is to enter a complete spontaneity of direction; this is a voyage of trust imbued with passion- any destination is possible. In phrases like this we glimpse the wild heart of Jesus……John O’Donohue

finding the new again…..

The shift in living in one’s imagination to living in reality is a change in the way we inhabit our body. The reality of actual contact with oneself is, at the same time, actual contact with our environment. It is a very interesting aspect of our nature that to heal the split between oneself and one’s surroundings, or between oneself and other people. Life is, to some extent, imaginary or illusory- for everyone. We all regard life through the filter of our past experience and our templates, our early learning of the world. As we come into greater contact with ourselves and the world, these filters and projections begin to dissolve. This direct, immediate contact with life feels like it is happening right now; it feels real; it feels complete; there is no part of ourselves that is left out of the experience of the present moment. The sobriety of spiritual practice is a stripping down, not to matter, but to something much more mysterious, to the unified luminous transparency pervading everything. We cannot get to this dimension by avoiding the material world. This type of attunement is particularly acute in people who are spiritually open. Many spiritually gifted people become disoriented as children by their sense of the off-centeredness of the people around them, and their own attempt to adjust themselves to it. However, this same sensitivity to balance can help bring them back to center…….Judith Blackstone

a soul encounter shakes up our ordinary consciousness…..spring blooming wakes us up to initiate a soul path… remember the moon and the crocuses as part of a liminal state that not only wakes us up but shakes us up and releases us to a fresh ecstasy…..welcome the wild heart…..

Sometimes without any effort on our part and when we least expect it, the soul shows up, pulls the rug of ordinary life from beneath us, and showers us with its confounding radiance. We hear our true name spoken for the first time, or an angel appears and invites us to wrestle, or we awake in the wilderness at midnight to a deer licking our forehead, or, out of nowhere, God says, ‘Take off your shoes!’ It ‘just happens’ sometimes, or at least so it seems to the everyday mind…….Bill Plotkin

3 thoughts on “soul encounters stirring in the equinox

  1. I had terrible dizzy spells as a child, would spend the day in bed to recover, and never knew why. Reading this one could wonder at the imbalance of the world as the reason? When we step into the light, there is a feeling of a new destination found, the sense of uselessness of worldly pursuits changes, becomes meaning, and each day a new journey into spirit. That is not to say I live in joy at every moment, sadness still comes, sorrow and anger too, but they are conditions now, like looking out the window it the weather, should I dress for sun or rain today? What storms are brewing off shore that will challenge my anchor?

    • So validating isn’t it? I’ve learned (well, actually, still am) that when I feel something, there is a reason for it…..just as wonderful to know it does not always need to be explained….as you so beautifully stated, it’s like passing rain….so much is unveiled after the rain…..those storms leave echoes long after the anchor issues are challenged and secured…..may you keep finding calm in each storm g.f.s……

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