waking up to stones on our path


Abandoned stones which I become interested in

invite me to enter into life’s purpose.

It is my task to define

and make visible the intent of their being.

…..Isamu Noguchi

enduring changes in our reality

What I find is that a lot of people don’t know how to inquire. They know the questions, but they don’t how to use them. It’s like thinking that because you have a hammer in your hand you know how to build a house. Just because you have a profound spiritual question, it doesn’t mean you know how to use it. The first thing I do is try to teach people how to use a deep spiritual question- which is meant to get us to the experience of not-knowing almost instantaneously. ‘What am I?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘What’s it like not to know?’ One second ago you thought you knew, but now, in a split second, you know that you don’t know. Before you try to know, what’s it like not to know? People push so hard to get an answer- they think they’re in school and this is a test. If they’re sitting in front of me, usually the first thing that happens is their eyes start to roll up in their head. This tells me that they’re thinking. They immediately go into the thought process. Why is it that when we ask ourselves, ‘What am I really, ultimately, essentially?’ most people go into thought? I’m stretching something out that happens in a split second, which is why people miss it. When they look within they don’t find anything. This isn’t what they expected to find. They expected to find the true self, the enlightened self, the better version of me. And they don’t find anything, so the mind instantly concludes, ‘That can’t be right. I looked in to find what I really am and there’s nothing there.’ I find that the first thing you know when you ask the question ‘What am I really?’ is that you don’t know. We don’t have to think about things we know. When you really start to get the hang of it, you understand what inquiry is actually like. You find the questions that naturally fit your experience. They just help you take in the mysteriousness of your own self. But if you don’t know how to use a question, you can’t go into the mysteriousness of your self. Instead you go into your mind or what you read in a book or what someone heard that someone else said, and it has no power……..Andriette Earl

honoring our own truth is harder than it seems….so many mind traps….so many self-doubts…..our originality brings us into the present…..owning our uniqueness helps us to become sensitively aware….and unique does not mean perfect…it is being alive in the flow of the human condition…..


on the stone

floor of my



every atom

of my being

is an open



….Alex Cowie

4 thoughts on “waking up to stones on our path

  1. There are many things that prove we are human. Perhaps the most important of all is faith, for it is the only weapon available to battle doubt. May your day be filled with sweet assurance. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • the mysteriousness of faith holds its power…..that place we come to with all of our vulnerability…..then we can love…..so true, so true……ripe blessings Bobbie….

  2. Yet from faith we realize we are given to ask these questions. As Andriette Earl points out, until we allow ourselves to ask the questions, then faith becomes belief, and our soul growth slows our halts. I would call questioning a gift, even a miracle, some would call it a curse, or worse yet burn you at the stake for it! Yet still questions rise, they cannot be stopped, much the way spring blooms … Are not the crocuses and daffodils asking a question? They are the bulb asking about the light … James Clerk Maxwell asked a question about electricity and the world was changed forever …

    • you’ve given a beautiful caution to blind faith……as one who feeds on questions, A. Earl’s questioning reverie gave me chills because it brings to light how blind we really are…..and reinforces how vital our questions are…..no beliefs g.f.s…..just reveling in the gifts of grand mystery under this wide, awe-inspiring full moon….

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